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Q: When did football pads start being used?
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What equipment is used to play football?

Here is a list of items used to play football: Helmet Socks (2 pairs) Cleats Shoulder Pads Knee Pads Football Pants Football Jersey Chin Strap Mouth Piece Elbow Pads Tape Cleats

What are football back pads used for?

to pretect your back from injury

What are football thigh pads made out of?

Today, thigh pads in football are made out of plastic. They used to be made out of quilted materials dating back to the 1890's.

When did hockey pads start being used?

Hockey pads have been an important part of safety at all levels of the game, even for those who play just for fun. The first time a player donned pads was in the 1880s.

What brand of football pads provide the best protection?

Plastic & foam If you're talking name brand pads then the Power/Riddell pads are probably the most widely used shoulder pads in College and Professional football. Riddell and Schutt are the most used helmet brands though a small number of other companies are being used right now but with very little success and usage. Companies like Adams and Xenith would be the helmets that come to mind.

How does a football player need help getting dressed with all of those pads and things?

I used to play high school football and normally you don't need help the trick is to put your shirt on your pads first

What equipment is used in rugby league?

a football, boots, mouthguard, (soulder pads and headgear, optional )

What sports equipment begins with the letter K?

Knife is used in fishing. Kicking tee is used in football. Knee pads are used in a few sports.

What objects are used in football?

Objects that are used in foot ball include: the uniforms - Jersey, Pants, Helmet. shoes/cleats, gloves pads a football radio communication devices a tee towels

What are the best shoulder pads for high school football players?

Riddell Power Esxtreme (Riddell SPX). Riddell Power pads are used by a majority of NFL players and are the best pads you can buy. Douglas an dImpact pads are also very good. Riddell Power Extreme (Riddell SPX). Riddell Power pads are used by a majority of NFL players and are the best pads you can buy. Douglas an dImpact pads are also very good.

When did the world start playing football?

When did the world start playing football I think that the world started playing football in the Tutor times they used a inflated pigs stomach.

What do you use to play rugby?

It is just like football but you have to be a little more tough. So just use what ever is used in football, like: A ball, pads, a helmet, etc.

What synovial joints are being used when shooting a football?

get out

What are pads used for?

In sewing, pads are used for shaping in the shoulders or pants.

What type of kick is used to start a football game?

It is the kick off.

Can an AED be used on Children?

An AED can be used on children; pads preferred are the child pads.

Which AED pads should be used?

Use the standard pads on the adult and children pads on the child.

What sells more pads or tampons?

Pads.Most women will use pads when they first start menstruating, pads are used occasionally for spotting or even discharge, many women choose to use pads alone, and even when wearing tampons women have to still use pads as back-up to their tampons and as tampons cannot be worn before menstruation, overnight, with light flow or with infection and tampons should be alternated with pads.

Can you buy used but usable brake pads?

While it may be possible to purchase used brake pads, you should not buy used but usuable brake pads. You should only buy new brake pads in excellent condition.

What skills can be developed in football?

You get used to being pounded by tall men

When did the merk start being used?


What synovical joints are being used when taking a penalty in football?

Knee and hip

What year did the Canadian flag start being used?

The current flag started being used in 1965.

How has football changed over the years?

It depends on which aspect you are looking at. The field goal post used to be at the front of the end zone (that was changed to keep players from being knocked out), the helments were little leather caps at one point and shoulder pads were hardly existant. In the early days the football itself was more round than now days.

What protective clothing is used in hockey?

Shin pads shoulder pads apex