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February 3, 1913

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Q: When did income tax start in the US?
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When do you not have to file Federal Income tax?

No reportable taxable income to be entered on a income tax return would be a good start of not being required to file a federal income tax return.

Do US citizens have to pay tax on employment income?

Yes. It's called Income Tax. States can require an income tax, and there is tax payable to the Federal Government.

Why was the first national income tax composed?

For the US, the first Income Tax was started in 1913.

Is US withholding a Tax-Exempt Income?

It is neither, tax exempt OR income. Qualifies as a foolish question

Does the US government get more revenue from private income tax or corporate income tax?

Well dah

When did ct state income tax start?


What rate of income tax is currently in place in the US?

The United States has a progressive income tax system. The highest current rate of income tax on a personal return is 33%.

Why the US personal income tax is considered a progressive tax?

As income increases the percentage of that paid as tax progressively increases. If it was a "flat tax" instead, the percentage paid would be constant regardless of income.

Finding out how to start a small business for income tax rates.?

The best income tax rates for someone who wants to start a small business is to talk to a tax consultant. Doing this on your own is not a wise choice and a tax consultant can help maximize tax breaks.

What do you file on your US income tax form -- gross or true gross income?

The total of all of your GROSS WORLDWIDE INCOME would be your GROSS INCOME that will be reported on your 1040 federal income tax return. That is every amount that is income to you for the tax year.

Do Puerto Rican citizens pay US income tax?

Puerto Ricans are US citizens. US citizens who live in Puerto Rico are not subject to the US Federal income tax on income they make from sources in Puerto Rico. Any Puerto Rican who moves to another part of the US is subject to Federal income tax just as all other US citizens are.

How do you compute the personal income tax?

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