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Q: When did niel armstrong go to the moon?
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Who was the first to go to the moon?

Niel Armstrong

Who was the fist person to go to the moon?

The first man to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

What is the name of the first person to go to the moon?

niel armstrong

When did niel Armstrong go up to the moon?

In July, 1969.

How many years did Niel Armstrong go to the moon?

0 year

Who chose niel Armstrong to go the moon?

It was N.A.S.A who choose Neil Armstrong as a astronaut. In fact they chose all the astronauts .

Where did Niel Armstrong explore?

The moon

What year did Niel Armstrong get on the moon?

Neil Armstrong went to the moon in 1969.

When was Niel Armstrong on the moon?

Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in July 1969!.

Who was the 1st person on the moon?

Niel Armstrong.

When did Niel Armstrong Land on the moon?


Who was the people that landed on the moon?

Niel Armstrong