When did penny auctions end?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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They haven't. The auction never ends! They make you believe that you've won the item that you are bidding on, then they reset the clock on you! Check out all the stories about this scam on the link that I've included. Join and fight back!

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Q: When did penny auctions end?
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Are there any jewelry auctions taking place in Delaware?

There are several jewelry auctions taking place at Delaware. There's Penny auctions that offers wide range of selections of items from jewelry to handbags and cosmetics.

How do online penny auctions work?

Online Penny Auctions work by harnessing the power of individuals all betting for the same item. In a traditional online auction, the bidder pays nothing unless he/she wins that auction. Conversely, in Online Penny Auctions, every bid costs a predetermined amount. For example, an online penny auction might sell bids at $1/bid, and therefore raises money on people betting on items for sale through their website. These auctions are call "Penny Auctions" because each bid raises the final price of that item only $.01. Thus, the winner of said auction can get the item at an incredible discount, where the other bidders lose-out. This has been argued to be gambling, and for all intents and purposes can be seen in a similar light, but in many online auctions you can buy the item outright, and so these auctions often refer to their business as "Competitive Shopping."

Are there any good penny auction sites?

There are good and bad penny auctions sites which is why it is important to do research and read reviews from other people. Popular penny auction sites such as have a lot of people bidding which makes it more difficult to win. Other penny auction sites such as have less people, but have been around a lot longer and because there aren't as many people bidding, it's sometimes easier to win something. I am a rep for Zeekler and by far it is one of the most reputable penny auctions

Are online penny auctions a fake?

A fake? Online Penny Auctions are a real thing, and people win real items on them. Check out Zeekler, QuiBids, BidCactus, or several others for a reputable online penny auction. I won some earrings for my mother, but I had to watch them for several hours. People see it as more of an entertainment thing than actual shopping, but deals can be had. If you're interested in how they work, just google how online penny auctions work, or I think there's a site out there with a similar name - probably several.

Value of log cabin penny?

About $1 but for a 50 penny roll (of that penny) on on-line auctions can sell anywhere from $2 to well over $50(if your auctioneers are in a good mood).That pretty good if you ask me

When did The Penny end?

The Penny ended in 2006.

How many penny auction sites are on the internet?

There are about 5 companies that are operating as penny auctions but they are not legit! Beware!! You should just use a trusted site like amazon or Ebay.

Can teens use penny auctions if so then where?

I believe you need to be 18 above to be able to participate on programs like this.

What is the best penny auction site?

No doubt the best penny auction site is Smokoo. I say this because they've are amazingly transparent and have the best customer service. Their lineup of auctions is by far the best in the world. I have only been on plus we give free bids that work for most auctions.

When did Penny Magazine end?

Penny Magazine ended in 1845.

How do you win eBay auctions?

be the highest bidder at the end of the auction

Where can one bid on auctions other than eBay?

Recently, with the rise in popularity of "penny auctions", sites such as Quibids and Bidcactus have been getting their fair share of internet traffic. As for general auction sites, one can find auctions to bid on at sites such as Amazon, Sam's Club, and Public Surplus.