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As early as 1933 when those who had assimilated into German society and rejected orthodoxy began to see that escape was the only option. They were also victims of the Nuremburg Laws, and those that got tired of it started to go into hiding before they "disappeared" with the other people. Some, however, did not go into hiding, but sent their children into hiding or to other areas so that they would have a chance to survive.

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Who tried to start the Holocaust?

Hitler and other Nazis decided to start up the Holocaust.

How were Nazi prison camps established before the start of the Holocaust different from those created after the Holocaust began?

The Nazis did not plan to murder all prisoners in camps built before the Holocaust

How did holocaust liberation start?

i guess 1942 as soon as territory was gained by the Soviets from the Nazis

How were nazi prison camps established before the start of the holocaust different from those created after the holocaust?

The nazis did not plan to murder all prisoners in camps built before the holocaust

What role did the early successes by the Nazis in World War 2 play in start of the holocaust?

absolutely none.

Why are the people allowing the Holocaust to start again?

The assumption in the question is false. The Holocaust is not 'start[ing] again'.

Why did the Nazis start the Holocaust?

The reasons for moving from hatred and discrimination to genocide (mass murder) are unclear. See the related question.

How many people died in the year of 1940 from the Holocaust?

Not many, most people put the start of the Holocaust at 1941.

When did the Holocaust start and where?

The holocaust originated in Germany where the deportation of the Jewish people were forced to leave in the heart of the holocaust. though there are many start and end variating dates, 1938 - 1945.

When did the Holocaust start in denmark and when did the the Holocaust end?

In Denmark it started in 1939. But the whole holocaust ended in 1945 It ended at the end of WWII Because the nazis were defeated due to war they were defeated by russia and the U.S they were called the allies And thats when hitler died in 1945 Which is also when the germans decided to surrender and let all the people go in the consentration camps and stuff (:

Where was the Holocaust first started in the year 1933?

Most historians date the start of the Holocaust in 1941 (or 1942). In 1933 the Nazis came to power in Germany and began to persecute the Jews. The persecution was nationwide. The word Holocaust refers to the Nazi genocide (mass murder) of the Jews.

When did Nazis persecute the Jews?

The Nazis persecuted the Jews throughout their period of power in Germany (1933-1945), but the routined, large scale, systematic killings - that is, the Holocaust - didn't start till 1941. It then happened very quickly.

What are 10 easy bullet point facts on the Holocaust.?

Nazis came in and gathered Jews and put the yellow star of David. they were found ans killed or sent off to concentration camps. at the camps they were killed at arrival, or worked to death. when they were shipped they were handled with no care some also did not make through shipping Many people were placed into gas chambers and pasted away - the Nazis made Jews do much of the organising themselves. - most of the victims of the camps were cremated. - the Holocaust did not follow a pre-determined plan, but was a constantly evolving event. - many things that were true about the Holocaust at the start were not true at the end, leading to many generalizations being untrue. - the Nazis would try to profit from the Jews as much as possible, using everything that they could, including gold from their teeth and hair from the women. - there were many people and many nations that looked on and did nothing during the Holocaust. - not a single person was punished by the Nazis for not carrying out orders with regards to the Holocaust.

Why didn't the final solution happen before?

This question is ambiguous. Does it mean 'Why didn't the Nazis start the Holocaust a few years earlier?' OR 'Why didn't the "Final Solution" happen long before anyone had even thought of the Nazis - for example, in the Middle Ages?'

When older people start imagining things and hiding money and accusing people of stealing from them?

Age 69

What was the date when the Nazis started killing the Jewish people?

1942. the Nazis started to rise in power in 1933, but didnt actually start killing the Jews and other people until 1942.

When did the holocaust start and when did end?

The answer to this is very subjective. But highly recognised dates are June 1941 to May 1945 Both the start date and the end date are open for debate, some consider that all Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis to be victims of the Holocaust, thus both dates are wider. It is the opinion of some, including that of Claude Lanzmann, that the Holocaust is not over until the last victim has died.

How was the holocaust the end of modernity?

You could argue that the Holocaust was the start of the modernity.

What day of the week did the Holocaust start?

That would depend upon on which action you consider the Holocaust to have started. There was no one particular day: this was a step-by-step process that occurred over time. Some scholars place the starting year as 1933, when Hitler began to implement some of the harsh anti-Jewish laws in Germany.__________Normally, the Holocaust refers to the routine mass murder of the Jews and that started in 1941. Dating the start of the Holocaust in 1933 (that is, the start of Nazi persecution of the Jews) makes the term redundant. There was no indication in 1933 that the Nazis would try to exterminate the Jews.

Did the holocaust start in 1942?


When did the Nazis start segregation?

In 1938

What family was killed to start of the Holocaust?

jews were the first who were killed at the stsrt of holocaust

When did the Nazis start bombing England?

The Nazis started bombing England in May 1940.

What made the Holocaust start?


What centry did the Holocaust start?

The 20th.

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