When did shaq beat Jordan in palyoffs?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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in the 1994-1995 season. In this same year shaq won the NBA scoring title and beat MJ during MJs first year back from retirement. Shaq ended up loosing to the rockets in the finals NBA finals.

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Q: When did shaq beat Jordan in palyoffs?
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Did Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal have a fight?

No, Artest beat Jordan up once in a summer picup game , but never Shaq never beat up Jordan.

Who is better Jordan or shaq?

jordan is better

Who is bigger shack or Michael Jordan?

Shaq O'Neal is 7ft 1in, 325 lbs, size 23 shoe and Michael Jordan is 6ft 6in, 215 lbs, size 15 shoe. Shaq is WAY bigger.

Who is the most popular basketball player in the world after Michael Jordan?

It's got to be Shaq.

What basketball legend did Justin bieber beat during a game in September?

Shaquille O'Neal. It was featured on Shaq Vs., Shaq's TV Show that is on in the summer.

What NBA player has made the most money in there career?

Salary alone, Shaq has made over $290 million. With endorsements and everything it has to be Jordan.

Who beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1?

Joseph William voigt jr. beat Micheal Jordan 1 on 1

How many Nba titles have Phil Jackson won with the lakers?

6 with Chicago and Jordan, 3 with the Lakers and Kobe/Shaq.

Which basketball legend did Justin bieber beat during a game in September last year?

Justin bieber beat Shaquille oneal in a episode of Shaq vs.

How do you beat Michael Jordan in basketball?

You don't.

How many champion ship rings do the Houston rockets have?

2. They won the championship in 1994 and 1995. In 94 they beat the Knicks in 7, and in 95 they beat shaq and hardaway in a sweep.

What is the names of NBA players in the 1990's?

Jordan, Kobe Bryant, shaq, Tim duncan, david Robinson, Karl malone, grant hill