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Q: When did shaq oneal wear the number 13?
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How tall was shaq oneal at age 13?

I saw a special on Shaquille O,Neal and it said his shoe size at 13 years old was 15

How tall was shaq at 13?

140 CM

How many players wear number 13 in the NFL?


What number does the outside center wear in rugby?

Number 13.

What number does Alex Rodriguez wear?


Who wear number 13 on the lakers?

Wilt Chamberlin wore the number 13 for the Lakers. His uniform number has been retired.

What number did jeter wear for Columbus clippers?


What shirt number does Brian O Driscoll wear?

he wears number 13

What are the release dates for Johnny Bravo - 1997 Johnny Makeover Back on Shaq 4-13?

Johnny Bravo - 1997 Johnny Makeover Back on Shaq 4-13 was released on: USA: 27 August 2004

What number jersey does Michael Ballack wear always?


What famous players wear number 13?

Alex Morgan

Which number jersey does park ji sung wear?