When did surfing start?

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The Surf exists, probably more than 1000 years and is one of the oldest practices of mankind. Glide over the waves is possibly one of the oldest sports in the history of mankind. However, the Surf is rediscovered by the first English sailors visiting Polynesia in the eighteenth century, it does not appear as a sport until the late nineteenth century and became popular in the second decade of the twentieth century. The rest of the disciplines associated with this water sport are appearing over time as a logical evolution of Surfing. You can find more info on the History of Surfing in TotalSurfCamp.

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Q: When did surfing start?
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it is safe if your a beginner on surfing start with a long board and with smaller waves

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Surfing was started by the Hawaiians as a tribal activity. Chiefs surfed together as a sign of peace and surfing was also used the way it is today: as a mating offering. Lots of information is available about the start of surfing, just Google "surfing history" or "timeline of surfing."

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surfing started in Hawaii first and then started in Australia around the late 1930s. Then it exploded in the 60s

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The foreigners found the Hawaiians surfing when Captian Cook first discovered and when people first discovered California and along that coast they found people surfing. They do not know the first person to ever start surfing but the person who made surfing famous was Duke Kahanamoku.

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Surfing and longboarding are very similar because you turnand can ride like your surfing. Longboarding is like surfing onland and is a little bit easier, if your a beginning surfer and youlongboard then you already have a head start on surfing.

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The verb surfing is the present participle of surf.It is used with be verbs to make continuous tenses:past continuous - He was surfing. They were surfing.present continuous - I am surfing, He is surfing, They are surfing

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wear a leash, dont start surfing reefs until you feel completely confident, avoid surfing alone (buddy system), dont surf at mavericks =), and surf near where you live, so you dont have to worry about localism. all of which i avoid

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