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Two days after launch.
Apollo 13 happened on 11/4/1970. Two days in space it exploded.

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Q: When did the Apollo 13 accident happen?
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How did the crew of Apollo 13 survive in space after the accident?

The astronauts of Apollo 13 , used the lunar module to survive after the accident.

What happen to apollo 13 and how did it affect the lives to people?

Apollo 13 had problems period.

Who caused the Apollo 13 accident?

It was a explosion in the oxygen cylinder.

What caused the Apollo 13 accident?

Explosion in the Oxygen Tanks

What caused the accident on Apollo 13?

We can say that it was a explosion in the oxygen cylinder.

What day of the week was April 13 1970?

April 13 1970 was the day that Apollo 13 had an accident onboard. Even though so many people would love to believe that Apollo 13 had an accident on a Friday the 13th, it was actually a Monday.

Dangers in the Apollo 13 mission?

The dangers of Apollo 13 was that there could be a accident in space, as it happened , as a cylinder of oxygen exploded while far in space.

What happen to Apollo 13's mission?

The Apollo 13 mission was jettisoned due to a explosion on the command module.

What year did Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 have a accident?


How far away was the Apollo 13 spacecraft from earth when the accident happened?

Apollo 13 spacecraft was near to the moon and they were shortly going to separate from the Apollo craft. that Lunar module. But it happened before they had separated.

Where there any more plans in the future for Apollo 13?

Apollo 13 cant happen again. That was the name of the mission and space craft

What happen on the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 what were the differentces?

The Apollo 11 went to the moon and returned safely to earth. But Apollo 13, did not land on the moon, as it exploded on the way to the moon, but it returned safely.