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If you mean the potato blight, it began in 1845 and recurred throughout the 1840's. Michael Montagne

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Q: When did the Blight in Europe occur?
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Could Potato blight come back to Ireland?

Yes, Potato blight is endemic in Ireland and Europe, but today a variety of types of potato are grown some of which are blight resistant and we also have chemical sprays that can kill the fungus. The trouble with the blight in the past was that there were no sprays and only one variety of potato was grown and when a blight evolved to attack this variety, it meant that ALL the Irish crop was hit and this lead to famine.

How does the banded leaf and sheath blight disease occur on maize?

The banded leaf and sheath blight are characterized by concentric spots that cover the leaves and husks. The primary damage is a brownish rotting of the ears.

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Blight means a plant disease. The plants became effected with blight. We treated the crops for blight.

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Common name of Phytophthora infestans?

Potato Blight, Potato Late Blight Agent, Potato Late Blight Fungus

What organism caused the Irish patato blight?

Phytophthora infestans(known as late blight) caused the Irish potato blight.

How do you use to word blight in the sentences?

The blight on the crops devastated the village.His house is a blight against the landscape.

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Is potato blight a bacteria fungus or virus?

Potato blight is a fungus.

What type of microbe causes potato blight?

It depends on which type of potato blight you are referring to.Early blight -- caused by Alternaria solani, a fungal pathogen.Late blight -- caused by Phytophthora infestans, an oomycete.

Why did the potato blight happen?

Only very few varieties of potato were brought to Europe from the New World and so the potatoes cultivated in Europe weren't sufficiently robust to offer strong resistance to diseases, since they lacked genetic diversity. The European potato was, therefore, unable to fight the potato blight, or late blight, and many crops were destroyed. The impact was most felt in Ireland, which had become highly dependent on potatoes: the country lost about a quarter of its population.

How did they get to the new world potato famie?

Potatoes are native to the New World, specifically the Americas, and were brought to Europe from there by the Spanish. Is that your question? If your question is about potato famines, the best-known and most drastic and far-reaching was the Irish Potato Famine, between 1845 and 1852. It was caused by a disease known as potato blight, or late blight, which affected potato crops all over Europe. It is generally considered the blight had such a devastating effect because only a very few varieties of potatoes were brought to Europe from the New World and so those farmed in Europe had no real resistance to the disease, which spread rapidly as a result.

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