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The Dutch founded New York, but they called it New Amsterdam. The English then forced them out of New Amsterdam and called it New York.

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Q: When did the Dutch come to New York?
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What did the dutch come to new york for in the 1620s?


Where did the New York colony come from?

The Dutch bought it from the Iroquios.

Why did the Dutch come to new york?

I don't know so please answer

When did setlers come to New York?

The Dutch came to New York in 1609, ten years before the Mayflower.

When did people first come to New York?

The Dutch settlement began about 1624.

Where did the Dutch establish a colony?

The Dutch had a colony in New York and lost it to the British who renamed the area New York from the Dutch New Amerstdam.

What was the colony taken by the Dutch?

New York was founded by the Dutch. New York was founded by the Dutch. ___________________________________________________________________________________ New York was controlled by the dutch from 1609 to 1664. It was called New Amsterdam. New York still has many dutch street and place names. The Netherlands also had control of Indonesia for a while.

What is 'New York' in Dutch?

New York is in Dutch the same.New Amsterdam was the name for the future 'New York' within the United States of America.

Why did the Dutch West India Co come to find New York?

They wanted to seek profits from the New World.

How much did th dutch sell new york for?

The Dutch didn't sell New York. It was captured by the British

Who is the Dutch explorer who discovered the New York area?

Henry Hudson found New-York for the Dutch in 1609

When was the city of New York settled and by who?

The Dutch settled New Amsterdam, Which became New York City after the Dutch surrendered to the English.

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