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When did the French lose the battle at the Plains of Abraham?

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The last guy who answered this was totally wrong! I am studing this at school and this is when they died.

The french battled the british army in 1775 on the plains of Abraham. It is called that because at the time the land was owned by a farmer named Martin b. Abraham. In Qubec city. The british had won 15 minutes into battle. It was the goriest battle ever recoreded and still is. If the british hadnt won, we wouldn't be speaking English right now. That's why.

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Because threre were to many troops. Like the Americans and the French.

How did the French lose the French and English war?

I think the French lost the French and English war because the English had archers, equipped with longbows, which made the Frenches' battle armour outdated, and useless

Why did the french lose the battle at dien bien phu?

Violated rules of war #1: Under-estimated the enemy.

Did Japan lose the battle of midway?

Yes Japan did lose the battle of Midway

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Who wins the French and Indian Wars?

The French and Indian War actually pertained to the battle between the French and British for the Ohio River Valley. The Treaty of Paris closed the battle entitling France to lose all of her North American possesions... giving Britain the land they wanted and Spanish a few pieces as well. It is NOT the French, it was BRITAIN who won the French and Indian war.

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What might of happened if the American did not win the battle of Saratoga?

Then the americans would not get help from the french army and they would lose the war. Wouldnt get their weapons and supplies.

How did the French army lose the Battle of Blenheim in 1704?

The Battle of Blenheim took place in Bavaria in 1704. The French army lost control of the battle because the Allied forces manged to break through the center of the French battle lines. The French lost two thirds of their army while the Allies lost only 20%. If General Lee could have had the same results against General Meade, Gettysburg would have been a Confederate victory. Despite this, Blenheim was the first battle not the last one in the war of Spanish Succession.

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