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Q: When did the challenger stop being made?
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Will the dodge challenger stop being produced?

who knows, there still making it in 2015. At some point, yes.

What was Christa McAuliffes job on the challenger besides being part of the TISP?

she made pies

Challenger SRT8 2010 silver how many made?

Impossible to determine yet as 2010s are still being made

Do I have a browning challenger 1 or 2 serial 70343 U74 purchased 38 years ago new?

The U74 suffix to your serial number indicates that your Browning challenger was made in the year 1974.This also revels that you have a Challenger I because the Browning challenger II was not made until 1975.You should have Plastic wraparound grips which were only made on the challenger I in 1974.The challenger I was produced from 1962-1974.The challenger II was made from 1975-1982.I hope this helps?

Who made the dodge challenger?

Chrysler corporation makes the challenger for the dodge brand.

When was it made Belgian Browning Challenger ser 96010u8?

This gun was made in 1968. "U"= Challenger "8" = 1968

What year was a colt challenger serial number 59988-c made?

A Colt challenger with that serial number was made in 1952.

Where was the space shuttle Challenger manufactured?

== == Challenger was primarily made in Palmdale, California, by Rockwell.

Where was the dodge challenger made?

The year was 1959. It was the " Dodge Silver Challenger" yes its silver.

When was Browning Challenger Serial number 6099OU6 made?

Your Browning challenger with the suffix of U6 to the serial number indicates that it was made in the year 1966.The Browning Challenger was available from 1959-1974.

Was there a dodge challenger made in 2005?


When does the power rangers shows stop being made?

Well, to think of it, i think it will stop being made after power rangers mega force.