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Q: When did the first blackberry come out?
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When did the blackberry pearl come out?

The BlackBerry Pearl was available for purchase starting in 2006. It was the first BlackBerry with a music player and a camera.

What year did the first blackberry come out?

January 31 1997

Does Blackberry 8520 have Blackberry Messenger?

All Blackberry devices come with Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

What was the first blackberry called?

The first ever blackberry was the blackberry pearl smartphone

When did the blackberry curve 8520 come out?

The Blackberry Curve 8520 was first announced around July 2009. It was actually released August 2009.

How much did a blackberry cost when they first came out?

The first BlackBerry made (the BlackBerry 850) cost approximately $360.

When the was the Blackberry phone first released?

The first Blackberry device was released 1999. The name Blackberry was created by a marketing company Lexicon Branding. In 2003 was released the first Blackberry Smartphone.

When does the blackberry storm come out?

November 23rd 2008 in the United States. Blackberry made blackberry storm :)

Where can one purchase a BlackBerry headset?

Special Blackberry headsets are easy to come by. The official Blackberry website is a good place to start if online is the first choice. Electronics stores are also a good way to go.

Is there a purple blackberry?

Yes, some Blackberry devices come in purple.

Does blackberry come in pink?

"Yes, the majority of blackberry products do come in some shade of pink. Those few blackberry phones that do not come in pink do have a variety of pink shells or cases available."

What is the name of the first blackberry phone ever made?

the first blackberry ever made was callled sd900 Actually, the 5800 was the first blackberry phone

Does the blackberry storm come with a stylus?

no. the blackberry storm is only compatible with your finger.

When you charge your blackberry in a blackberry charger does a blue light come on?

Yes, yes it does :)

Where did the name blackberry come from?

The developers of the first model thought that the little keys looked like the outside of a strawberry. They didn't like the name strawberry so they went with Blackberry.

Does a flashed blackberry have blackberry messenger?

almost all modern blackberry smartphones nowadays have BBM, so it does have it, and if it doesn't come with the phone, you can download it from BlackBerry App World or from the BlackBerry official site.

Where did the blackberry fruit come from?


What country does blackberry come from?


What was the first model of BlackBerry?

The first model of a blackberry was introduced in 1999 as a two-way pager.

When was the Blackberry 9000 first released?

The Blackberry 9000 was first released in 2008. You can purchase the Blackberry Bold 9000 online from retailers websites such as Amazon and Overstock.

When did blackberry bold 9700 come out?

The Blackberry Bold 9700 came out on November 16, 2010.

When did blackberry curve 9320 come out?


Where was the blackberry plant first introduced into Australia?

the blackberry was introduced into Australia From Kenya

In what year was the blackberry storm invented?

"The first BlackBerry was launched in 1999. Since its initial production, it has come to feature a QWERTY keypad, instant email access and updated BlackBerry technologies such as BlackBerry Messenger and Internet applications. By December 2008, BlackBerry had acquired more than 21 million subscribers." "Research in Motion began mass production of the BlackBerry Storm in 2008. The first touch screen ever released by BlackBerry, it mimics the iPhone's capabilities and text messaging techniques. "Press and be impressed" with the extensive multimedia features of this smartphone." Used from:

How do you transfer contacts from blackberry 8520 to blackberry 9550?

Go to the media option if your mobile phone is blackberry 9550 and then press options and then it's going to come receive text. Click on it. Then from blackberry 8520 click send from the blue tooth option. Then u will get it. Or note down the number at your blackberry 9550 that's the simple thing. First think that is my question good or bad. lololololol!