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When did the first rainbow appear?

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Probably long before there was any human being to see it. It is a natural phenomenon of light and atmospheric moisture. ---- The Genesis account tells us the precise year, month, and day when the deluge began, when and where the ark came to rest and when the earth dried off. two genealogical accounts in The Bible testify that noah was a real person. Ezra and Luke were careful researchers. References to noah or the flood were made by many different religions and their written logs. i would like more scientific information on how rainbows are seen because before this event there was never a rainbow. this is intensily important as it will inable us to know what the earth was like 1000 years bc. ---- The Bible is not an appropriate source for scientific information. But if you are looking at the biblical account of the rainbow shown to Noah, note that it simply says that God sets a [rain]bow in the sky and not that it is the first one ever. The conditions that cause rainbows are possible whenever there is moisture in the air.

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What chapter in genesis did the first rainbow appear?

Genesis chapter 9 verse 12

Where did the rainbow first appear?

after the flood of forty days and forty nights stopped. ha. i win

Who brought the rainbow for the Greek gods?

Iris, the goddess of rainbow could make rainbow appear.

When is Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the rainbow?

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Who is rainbow dash's boyfriend?

Currently Rainbow Dash does not appear to have a boyfriend.

When do a rainbow appear?

Rainbows appear sometimes when its raining and some appear after but they should dissapear.A rainbow should appear whenever the sun is behind you in a clear skyAND there are water drops in the air in front of you.

How does a rainbow appear?

because god

When does the rainbow appear?

After it rains outside and it is sunny, you may be able to find a rainbow.

Does rainbow always appear after rain?

It's not a 100% for a rainbow to appear after a rain. Sometimes, a rainbow does'nt appear especially at night but during night there is a rare rainbow called a "moonbow" but it can only be seen during full moon. When there is a flash flood, the water droplets aren't stable enough to create a rainbow. Sometimes just after rain, it remains cloudy.

A rainbow viewed from an airplane may form a complete circle where will the shadow of the airplane appear?

The center…

What is the effect of a rainbow?

the effect of a rainbow is leaving beautiful colours everywhere and making fairies appear!

Why does a rainbow appear?

because God feels happy :)

When does a rainbow appear?

after a lot of rain god shows us a rainbow to say that the storm is all clear

How do you make rainbows appear from your butt?

Skittles, taste the rainbow.

When does a rainbow appear before or after rain?

what does the fox say moew

Where was the first rainbow found?

the first rainbow was found in canada in a ladies backyard

Do you have to have the rainbow wing and the silver wing for Ho-oh to appear?

No, you don't need both. You only the rainbow wing.

When does Iris' symbol appear?

After it rains, and the sun comes out. Iris' symbol is a rainbow so after the rain comes a rainbow.

How many people have been at the bottom of a rainbow?

None a rainbow is an illusion. You can never go under it. It will appear as if its moving away from you.

Why isn't there a rainbow during most rain storms?

There are a few reasons why a rainbow may not be seen after a storm. If there are clouds blocking the sunlight, no rainbow will appear. Additionally, your location may interfere with your ability to see a rainbow because a rainbow is only viewable from certain angles. While it might be raining on you there may not enough humidity in the surrounding area to make a rainbow appear. Where I live (West Texas) we get rain but it may be so dry in the surrounding area that no rainbow appears.

On Harvest Moon tot after what rainbow does Julius come?

The first rainbow you do. do Darrens first

Which direction does rainbow appear in the morning?

A rainbow must always be in the opposite direction from you compared to the sun. So if you see a rainbow in the morning, its center would be in a generally westerly direction from you.

What makes the colors of the rainbow appear?

Water droplets in the air are hit by light. This light is then divided into a spectrum which appears as the rainbow that you see.

What is the scientific name for a rainbow?

The scientific name for a rainbow is arcus pulvia. They are caused by sunlight and always appear in the sky opposite the sun.

What must happen to cause a rainbow?

In order for a rainbow to happen it needs to rain. Just after you see the rain is gone a rainbow appears for a short moment. A mixture of rain and light creates a rainbow. You could even use a glass with water and sunlight for a rainbow to appear.