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Q: When did the soldiers of World War 2 return home?
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Did soldiers return home to a land fit for heroes in world war 1?

The soldiers were thought of heroes by everyone when they came home. When they returned they had street parties to thank them for there great service.

Why was it difficult for soldiers to return from Vietnam especially compared to world war 2 veterans?

The Vietnam war was not a 'popular war', especially on college campasses. Therefore when the soldiers came home, they were met at the airport by mob-protestors of the war..............and called baby killers. World War 2 soldiers returned home as heros, even tho they had undoubtedly committed atrocities happens in war. But in that era the whole country was behind the war.

When did Australian World War 1 soldiers return?

11 November 1918

What were Australian soldiers given upon their return from World War 2?

they were given

What was a soldiers greatest fear in world war 1?

Death and injury/illness. Just like any war.

When were the soldiers going home in world war 1?

Soldiers went home if they were injured. Other times they would go home for a break.

When did American soldiers return home after World War 1?

US Servicemen (US Marines, US Soldiers, US Coast Guardsmen, US Airmen, US Sailors) returned home after the Armistice was signed in July 1953.

How did soldiers in World War 2 adapt to life away from home?

Soldiers always adapt - no matter how.

When did the soldiers come home after World War 2 ended?

Once the post WW2 events ended, such as the deciding about what to do with Germany and the war trials. It was actually a short while before the soldiers were sent home after World War 2.

Why did troops return in world war 2?

Troops went home when the war ended.

What is the baby boom World War 2?

The increase in pregnancy after American soldiers returned home from World War 2.

Did any World War 2 soldiers or sailors permanently return to or stay on Pacific tropical islands after the war ended?