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The last eruption was in 1950.

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The last eruption (not important) was in 1950, but an eruption was also in 1925-1926.

Santorini last erupted in 1950. It is located in the Southern Aegean Sea, Nea Kameni island (in Greece); the maximal altitude on the island - 127 m).

The last eruption of Santorini volcano was in 1950.

Not known exactly. See the link below.

Probably in 1 628 BC (dendrochronological data).

Buckhorn Caldera was not the last volcano to erupt. In fact, every day somewhere on the Earth, a volcano will erupt.

1950, a non-important eruption.

The last eruption of Santorini volcano was in 1950.

Yes, Santorini is a shield volcano.

Santorini volcano has also and mafic rocks.

The Santorini volcano is dormant from 1950.

Yes, Santorini volcano (in the island Nea Kameni) is a shield volcano.

An extinct volcano will not erupt in the future, a dormant volcano may erupt in the future but has not erupted in the last 200 years.

Hawaii valcanoes never will last erupt. it will erupt when it needs to or it will never erupt

The volcano named now Santorini on the island Nea Kameni.

The name of the volcano is Santorini volcano; it is situated in Nea Kameni island, not in Oia.

the last volcanoe erupted in iceland.

Yes. Santorini was formed by a volcano.

Yes. It has erupted as recently as 1950, though none of the eruptions were anywhere close to the size of the Minoan eruption.

the super volcano called luke in 2012

That is impossible to predict.

Mt. Tavurvur last erupted in 2009.

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