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The very first x-games began in 1993 and continues on every year. It is a popular even to be in and attend. They do the winter games and summer games for many different sports.

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Q: When did the x-games start?
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How much money do you win at xgames?

how much money do u make if u win the xgames

Wens the winter xgames?


Did Tony Hawk do a 1080 at the xgames?


Is paintball in the x sports?

Xgames? no.

What are tony hawk's career highlights?

he was the first person to land a 900,he had 10 xgames gold metals and he had 15 total xgames metals

Where did Tony Hawk land his 900 in 1999?

at the xgames

Who won the first skateboarding Xgames?

tony hawk

What are the release dates for XGames 2K Kickoff Bash - 2000 TV?

XGames 2K Kickoff Bash - 2000 TV was released on: USA: August 2000

Who was the first skateboarder to land a 900?

Tony Hawk in the xgames

Is there scootering in the xgames?

yes there was in 2007 and possibly 2008 (scoot on)

Did Ryan shekler backside flip eltoro?

yes he did on the xgames tbh

When are the 2010 summer xgames?

The Staples Centre, Los Angeles California

Was travis pastrana the first to do a front flip?

Yes he was he did it in the 2008 xgames

Where and when can you watch the Xgames?

every two years for summer, four for winter i think

When are the 2012 xgames?

Thursday, January, 26 1-26-12 hope it helped

What actors and actresses appeared in XGames 2K Kickoff Bash - 2000?

The cast of XGames 2K Kickoff Bash - 2000 includes: Andy Dick as Himself - Host Paul Henderson as Andy Dick Imposter York Shackleton as himself

Are there any sports or activities starting with the letter x?

Yes, the summer and winter XGames on ESPN.

Is there moto x best trick in winter xgames?

no there is a snowmobile best trick but no moto x

What s the annual event for extreme sports?

the xgames, trying to win tmobiles contest? lol

What age was Tony Hawk when he went to the x games?

his first xgames appearance was at age 26

Is Jake Brown dead?

No hes not he just bailed really hard at xgames but he came back after his injury!

Who is will ulmen?

will ulmen is a pro motocross rider from Manhattan Montana that is 13 years old and in 10 years will be in xgames!

Was Shaun White in the 2009 Xgames?

no he is taking time off from skateborading this season to prepare for 2010 winter olympics

What facts about North Carolina begin with the letter x?

XII is the Roman numeral 12 however in 1977 North Carolina became 12th State to sign in the Union. Xgames might also work. There is a famous skateboarder from North Carolina who has won awards. Look him up under Xgames and it will give you his name. Hope these help!

What contest did Tony Hawk enter?

Tony Hawk has entered many, One of which was the Xgames. Where he landed the first 900. He is still recognized for that as of now.