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Q: When did they start using barcodes on LP records?
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What does LP stand for when referring to records?

LP is an acronym that stands for long playing records.

What is required to play LP records?

LP records are a very old type of record and is not used much by people much in this time era. LP records require a certain type of turntable to properly play it.

What is LP Version?

The version on vinyl, or a record (the LP at 33.3 RPM). I remember when there were 45 RPM records, usually just 1 song each side, and LP records or albums, which had the Long Playing version of songs, with, sometimes, repeated choruses, etc...Earlier vinyl records had 78 RPM records also.

Are LP records 1959 and on valuable?


Why do you call vinyl records vinyl records?

Vinyl records are called such because of the material Lp's (33 1/3 RPM) and 45's RPM records are made out of. Before the creation of Lp's in 1948, most records were pressed with shellac and more properly called gramophone records.

Can you clean lp records with muriatic acid?


What are baseball LP records worth?

You need to identify the specific LP for a value. In general they do not have a high value unless it features a popular player. With collectible LP records the cover is more important than the record itself and has a higher value. The diplaly of the cover will dictate the value.

Does Eminem have any diamond records?

Yes--as of March 2011, his diamond records are Marshall Mathers LP and the Eminem Show.

Where to sell classical opera jazz LP records?

You could try Ebay

How much records did the eminem marshal mathers lp sell?

1.79 million

How much was CD's in 1950's?

There were no CD's in the 1950's. We had 45 and LP records.

When was the last time an LP record was newly released in the US?

According to research, the LP record is still in small time production, but production of LP records has declined due to less demand since the introduction of CD's in the early 1980's.

How many revolutions per minute does an LP turn?

Hello questioner, LP also known as Long Play records play at 33-1/3 rpm. Best regards, JF.

Is an LP record the same as a vinyl record?

Vinyl is the technology (plastic) from which a late 20th century record was made. The "LP" stands for "Long Playing". Records (made of Vinyl) came out as "singles", "SP" and "LP" formats, depending on their diameter and the speed at which they had to be revolved to play the music correctly.

Is vinyl the same as LP?

Assuming you're talking about records and not gas or something else...yes. Long Play (LP) albums were made of vinyl, but so were the 45s in their last years. Earlier records were made of a harder plastic. "Vinyl" refers to anything that goes round and round on a turntable and is read by a needle.

What is Elvis' Golden Records 78 rpm issued in 1958 worth today?

Elvis' Golden Records was an album (LP), and therefore does not exist as a 78. It was a compilation album of those 78s.

Do they still make the lp records for record players?

Yes. They still make them, but there is not a wide variety of stores that you can purchase them. Me personally, I believe they should make more LP's. They make more 8 tracks now then LP's and that's rediculous... 8 tracks were only popular for just a couple years.

You are looking for the name of the album that Marielle Mathieu recorded A Brasilia and Priez Pour Moi It was recorded by Barclay Records?

did you mean Mireille Mathieu? Mireille Mathieu recorded "A Brasilia" and "Priez pour moi" on an LP titled "Mireille Mathieu" in part of the world. I wish you good fortune in finding the correct LP as it may be known by a different title in your part of the world. The difficulty with tracing songs of international stars, like Ms. Mathieu, is that the same LP may be given different titles in different areas of the world by different record companies. For example, "Mireille Mathieu" is the name of three different albums on LP and one on CD in various parts of the world. Polydor Records titled the LP which contained "A Brasilia" and "Priez pour moi" as "Bonjour Mireille", while Barclay Records titled it as "Mireille Mathieu". Barclay Records also gave that title ("Mireille Mathieu") to at least one other LP. Additionally, there are at least two LPs titled "Bonjour Mireille" by different record companies.

How many records did the marshall mathers lp sell the first week?

1.79 million in its first week only in the U.S

What was carl perkins first album?

The LP is called 'Dance Album of Carl Perkins' released in 1957 on Sun Records.

What does LP and Double LP mean when talking about records?

LP= Long Playing. Originally, back in the early to mid 1900's, records were played at 78 rpm (Revolutions per Minute), and you only could fit one song on each side of the record. These are commonly called 78s. The earliest of these records had the recording on one side only...the other side was left blank! Around 1948, a process was invented where one could slow the speed of the record down, and narrow the grooves, and thereby fit more than one song on to each side of a 10" or 12" disc. These were considered "long playing" records, and so the term "lp" was coined. (By the way, the term "album" was coined from taking more than 1 78 and releasing it in a book form...or an "album"). A Double lp simply is to release a recording onto 2 long playing records. One of the biggest selling double lps released was Peter Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive", and you can find one at any garage sale or flea market!

How many records did the marshall mathers lp sell?

Over 25,000,000 world wide and 10,000,000 in the U.S. it is certified diamond in the U.S.

How many albums sold of johnny cash at folsom prison?

At least 1 million records, for he did receive a Gold Record for the LP.

What is the difference in EP SP LP?

SP is Short Play, EP is Extended Play, LP is Long Play. There are different medias that use these designations. For example, in VHS tapes, SP is typically 2 hrs, whereas EP is 4 and LP is 6. In records, LPs are around 70 minutes, I believe, and SPs and EPs are smaller.

What were music prices in 1940?

There were only Mono LP vinyl records. 45's were introduced in 1949. LPs sold for around $1.00