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When did you conceive if your due date is April 30?


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My daughter's EDD was May 1st and I got pregnant on August 9 give or take a day. Hope this helps 13 august 2006 as an estimate, give or take 3 days. At this early stage an sonogram is that accurate.


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The approximate date of conception was August 7th

End of January beginning of February

If your due date was September 30th you probably got pregnant around 8th January.

The approximate date of conception was July 7th 2008

Hi there. This is a vague guess but based on your due date you would of conceived around 11-17th November.

January 30-February 9 is as best an estimation as I can conceive.

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the conception date was May 9th 2009.

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the conception date was November 6th 2009.

* Possibly around March 25. * April 9 was your date of conception. This site is the most accurate on the net and will enable you to pinpoint your due date based on your conception date. After clicking on the link, scroll down a little and you will see a long table of dates. http://www.genetree.com/about/conception-calculator.asp

If your due date is June 30th, your estimated date of conception would be between October 3rd and October 11th of the previous year, which would total 40 weeks between conception and due date. You are likely to have ovulated around October 7th.

roughly around august 15th No more like Sep. 6th time frame it depends when was your lmp

September 30th 2009? Your conception date would be roughly January 8th 2009, give or take 5 days

Im due July 28th, 2009 and I have a conception week of 10/30/08 - 11/08/08, hope that helps alittle.

Probably around the first part of February.

Roughly between Tuesday July 3rd 2007 and Monday July 9th 2007, give or take a few days

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my last period was April 30th, 2007 and I am due February 3rd. They say my conception date was between may 11th and May 14th

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The first day of your last menses was 20/07/2009, so you conceived during first days of August, if your cycle is 26-30 days.

The estimated date of birth is March 23rd

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