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they dont

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Q: When do Bangladesh people celebrate Independence Day?
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What do polish people celebrate?

Polish people celebrate Christmas and Easter. They also celebrate Constitution day, All Saint's day, and they celebrate their Independence Day in November.

What holidays do people from Argentina celebrate?

people in Argentina celebrate Columbus and independence day

Who celebrates independence day?

americans celebrate Independence Day

Who are the people that America we celebrate for independence day?

Independence Day is a national holiday and everyone celebrates the day.

Where do people celebrate Independence Day in Lebanon?

we celebrate it mostley in DOWN TOWN

How do they celebrate Independence Day in Ireland?

Ireland does not have an independence day. People from other countries may celebrate their own independence days in various ways, depending on their customs.

Independence Day in Madagascar?

the Madagascar people celebrate independence day by hugging and kissing around a campfire

Which is the national festival of Bangladesh?

Independence Day:: March 26 is the day of Independence of Bangladesh. It is the biggest state festival.

What do Americans celebrate on the Fourth of July?

on the 4th of July you celebrate Independence day... there i told you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You forgot to mention that we celebrate 4th of July to celebrate our independence from the british.

What holidays do people in Congo celebrate?

they celebrate day of the martyrs, labor day, liberation day, independence day, parents day, and army day

Why do Malaysians celebrate Independence Day and not Malaysia Day?

Do people in the United States celebrate United States Day? "Independence Day" is not solely associated with just American independence (July 4th). Mexico has an Independence day (May 5th), Greece has an Independence Day (March 25th). Malaysia's is August 31st.

How do they celebrate Independence Day in Guatemala?

how dose Guatemala celebrate there independence