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Do female redback spiders eat male redback spiders?

Famale do not eat male after mating.

Are redback spiders endangered?

The Redback spider is not an endangered species. However the Katipo, which is related to the Australian Redback, is endangered.

How do redback spiders breathe?


Are redback spiders vertebrates?

No. They are invertebrates

How do you get rid of red back spiders?

"Redback spiders can be difficult to remove because mere spraying of pesticides cannot kill redback spiders. Their hiding places have to be identified. Brisbane Pest Control Specialists from Bob Gunn can correctly identiywhere redback spiders are hiding because they know the insect's life cycle and habits." Source: - Removing Redback Spiders From The Home

What are the Redback spiders effects on the environment?

a redback has no affect on the environment accept killing the environment

What are redback spiders appearance?

what are red back appearances

What spiders start with the letter r?

Redback, found in Australia

What poisonous spiders live in Australia?

The Redback Spider...The Redback Spider is related to the venomous Black Widow Spider

What eats Redback spider?

The common black house spider eats redback spiders. This probably explains why redbacks are uncommon inside the house. Both redbacks and black house spiders are shy (especially the redback). A house spider will get to recognize you if you feed it ;)

What weather conditions do redback spiders like?

Redback spiders in Australia like dark semi damp environments like in culverts, or under pot plants. But mostly dark tight places

How many legs does a redback spider have?

Reddback spiders have 8 legs.

Can redback spider be crossbred?

yes they can be crossbred red back spiders

Are there redback spiders in Ireland?

i dont think so but i just caught a small spider that looks nearly identical to a baby redback

What are the two most deadly spiders in Australia?

The Sydney funnel web and the Redback spider are Australia's deadliest spiders.

What type of web do redback spiders have?

If by "redback spiders" you mean the kind of widow spiders that grow in Australia, they make the same kind of three-dimensional tangled filament webs that all the member of their Family make. Some other kinds of spiders make orb webs, sheet webs, etc.

Where does am redback spider come from?

Redback spiders are a unique species that exist solely in Australia. If you need more information on them there are a number of websites available on Google.

Do garden spiders have to mate to have eggs?

Do garden spiders have to mate to have eggs

Why are red back spiders in the Latrodectus Genus?

Because redback spiders are related to the black widow just they are in different parts of the world

Are black widow spiders or redback spiders more poisonous?

They are about equally venomous. All female spiders of the genus Latrodectus ('redbacks' are L. hasselti) have similar potency.

Is a red back spider dangerous?

Yes the redback is one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia.

How long do redback spiders live?

the red back spider can live up to 1 year to 3

Are redback spiders afraid of dogs?

No, technically spiders are incapable of emotions such as fear. However they are wary of dogs as dogs are capable of very easily ripping them to shreds.

How does the redback spider protect itself from enemies?

Like all spiders - it has fangs to inject venom into a potential predator.

What do redback spiders eat?

Redbacks usually prey on insects but they can capture larger animals that become trapped in the wec including king crickes, trapdoor spiders, and small lizards.