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The public schools in the State of Washington have spring break the first week of April in 2012. The actual dates are March 31st through April 8th. Have a great day.

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Q: When do Washington state schools have spring break in 2012?
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When is Washington's State 2011 spring break?

March 28 to April 1 2011

Spring break 2010 for New York state elementary schools?

This question is now out-dated

When does spring break start and end for us schools?

It is entirely up to the individual school districts. It differs from state to state, even from town to town. Generally, however, spring break is sometime in March or April.

How many schools are there in the state of Washington?

Their are exactly 297 schools in Washington State

When is spring break at Portland State University spring break?

March 20-28

When is Florida State University spring break 2009?

Florida State's Spring Break this year is March 9-13.

When is Oklahoma state university spring break?

Oklahoma State University's Spring Break for 2011 will be March 14-18.

Is spring break a Federal or State Holiday?

Spring break is an academic tradition and not a recognized holiday. It neither a federal or state holiday.

When is clayton state university spring break?

Spring break for Clayton State University is March 5 through March 12.

When is spring break at Penn State University?

Penn State University Spring Break 2009: March 9-13 (Mon-Fri)

When does school begin for public schools after spring break?

It depends on the individual school district, state, county,.for West field it's April 25.

When do American schools go back after summer break?

It depends on the town and State the school is in. Most American schools re-start for Fall classes in late August or the first week of September. In the Spring, most American schools end in the first week of June for summer break.

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