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i don't know, maybe you should go play in the traffic.

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Q: When do babies themselves with a spoon?
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At what age will babies start to fee themselves with spoon?

They will start feeding themselves if you teach and show them how to use the spoon, and you don't spoil them by feeding them. Have them figure it out on their own.

Should a baby spoon be a plastic one or a metal one?

It is better to use a plastic baby spoon instead of a metal one. Metal spoons make it easier for babies to hurt themselves when they are first learning to use eating utensils.

Why do babies kill themselves?

lol um... babies don't purposely kill themselves! I don't know if that's what you meant, but sometimes babies will accidentally kill themselves many different ways, like suffocation.

What is a baby monger?

Someone who loves babies. Someone who wants to hold them and to have babies all to themselves!

Can babies communicate?

Babies are known to communicate with themselves (as in other babies) but not with fully grown human beings. So yes, they can communicate.

Why do Hedgehogs have spikes on there body?

to protect there babies and themselves

Can girls have babies by themselves?

yes if they have a penis and a vagina

What age do babies burp themselves?

When they can sit up on their own.

When do babies recognize themselves in a mirror?

15-18 months.

When do babies feed with spoon?

As soon as possible. I would say when they start playing with food with there hands give them a spoon. They will start trying to learn hoe to use it and it will be a motter of no time before they know how to properly use it.

When the black mamba has its babies produce does it leaves its young?

Yes, when the eggs hatch the babies are on there own, hunting and fending for themselves.

Do mother bats take care of their babies or do they just leave them to fend for themselves?

Mother bats take care of their babies