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Skunks have their scent gland from the day they are born, and can spray when they are only 8 days old. Skunks will warn you when they are about to spray. First they face you with their tail in the air, then they stamp their front feet before turning their behind toward you and spraying.
The skunks scent gland mature in less than a month from birth. This allows them to expel a fine spray of fluid smelling liquid less than 4 weeks of age.

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Q: When do baby skunks get their spray?
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Is baby skunk spray as strong as adult skunks spray?


When do baby skunks stink?

Baby skunks could spray on you because it's their natural way to defend themselves from their predators. If you have a group of baby skunks in your house, contact the Critter Guy if you're in Canada.

Do skunks spray when they see yellow?

No. Skunks spray when they feel very threatened.

What wild animals spray like skunks?

Striped polecats spray like skunks.

What animal spray?

Skunks are animals the spray.

Does a red fox spray its enemies?

No it is skunks that spray.

Do skunks spray when they die?

Skunks spray when they feel threatened, so if the skunk is already dead, there would be no reason to spray.

Do skunks spray liquid or air?

When in danger, skunks are known for their ability to spray a repulsive gas from their behinds.

Do skunks actually spray?

when cornered they will

Can skunks spray when they sleep?

yes they do

How old do skunks have to be before spray?

Skunks can be 8 days old before they can spray. Its their only defence against predators

What makes skunks unique or different?

Skunks can spray their enemy with a foul smelling liquid.