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the eastern Box turtle lay there eggs between the months of june-sept. once the eggs are layed the baby box turtles will begin to hatch within a period of 70-140 days.

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What is a eastern box turtles life cycle?

Egg, Hatch, Nest, Mate, Lay Eggs, then Die

How do box turtles reproduce?

A male and a female will mate to produce young.

Do turtles need a mate to lay eggs?

no the girls lay about 30 months

Where do box turtles lay there eggs?

Box turtles bury their eggs in the ground in quiet places, usually in woods.

Do turtles need to mate every time it should lay eggs?

No, several types of female turtles can lay unfertilized eggs on a regular basis.

Do box turtles lay eggs?

yesyes they do

Can turtles lay fertilized eggs without males?

Female turtles need to have a male turtle mate with them while they are in season in order to lay fertilized eggs

Can red ear slider turtles lay eggs without a mate?


Do red necked slider turtles need a mate to lay eggs?


How many eggs do box turtles have at a time?

a box turtle can lay up to 6-12 eggs

How many eggs do box turtles lay?

Box turtles lay 2-6, sometimes 8 eggs at one time. They bury them and a few weeks later they hatch and dig to the surface.

Where do frogs and turtles lay eggs?

Frogs lay eggs in the water, turtles lay eggs on land.

Can boy turtles lay eggs?

No, male turtles can lay eggs.

How many times do box turtles lay eggs in a year?

I have two females. The lay eggs about two times a year

Do box jellyfish lay eggs or have live birth?

they mate once a year and have eggs

Turtles lay what type of eggs?

Turtles lay chicken eggs (just kidding just kidding) turtles lay turtle eggs......

Do red eared slider turtles mate?

Yes. A male and female RES turtle will mate and the female will lay eggs.

Do sea turtles lay eggs?

Yes, sea turtles do lay eggs.

Where do turtles usually lay their eggs?

where ever turtles r they will lay eggs

Do all turtles lay eggs or give birth?

Turtles lay eggs

Why do male turtles lay eggs?

Yes, male turtles do lay eggs

Where do bog turtles lay their eggs?

Bog turtles lay their eggs in nests.

Does a chicken have to mate to lay eggs?

No. But it has to mate to lay fertilised eggs.

How many eggs will a box turtle lay?

They can mate once and lay fertile eggs up to four years from that one mating. This helps to compensate for their inability to attract a mate. Females can lay up to three clutches of from two to ten eggs, depending on the species. Eastern box turtles will typically lay one clutch of of 2 to 6 eggs (younger females will lay fewer, older females more). The eggs typically incubate for 75 to 85 days at 75% to 85% humidity. Box turtles exhibit TSD (Temperature-dependent Sexual Determination). Eggs incubated at 71 ° F (22 ° C) produce males. Eggs incubated at 79 ° F (26 ° C) produce a mixed ratio of males and females and eggs incubated at 88 ° F (31 ° C) produce females. For everything you'd want to know about box turtles go to:

What month do box turtles lay eggs?

the months of June through September