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When do hummingbirds return?

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when the flowers open. A humming bird is required to eat every day or die so there has to be flowers for them to exploit.

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When do hummingbirds return to Virginia?

Hummingbirds should arrive sometime around April and leave in September

When do hummingbirds return to western Pennsylvania?

They return to western PA about 4/21.

When do hummingbirds come back in spring?

We find that our hummingbirds return to northern Idaho around April 15th.

Will orioles scare hummingbirds away from a my hummingbird feeder?

Not really. Most likely when the orioles come the hummingbirds will fly away. However, when the oriole leaves the hummingbirds will return again. If the hummingbirds do not return put up a oriole feeder that should keep it away from the hummingbird feeder.

When do hummingbirds return pa?

When they get here! I can't find the answer!

Do hummingbirds return to the same place after migration?

yes they do

When Do hummingbirds return to North Carolina?

early may early may

Do male Hummingbirds return before females?

Yes male hummingbirds typically return in spring before the females. They also typically depart before the females and young begin to migrate South for the winter

When will the first hummingbird be seen?

The first hummingbirds return in mid-April in the North.

When do feed hummingbirds in Eastern NC?

They will feed when they return return from their migration. They will return in the spring as soon as the flowers bloom. Putting out a sugar water feeder should help attract them when they return.

When do hummingbirds return to Georgia?

I begin to see them from mid August thru the end of September

Do hummingbirds hibronate?

Only the ones on th west side of Chicago, and only if their deer say it be OK.

How do you count hummingbirds?

It is the dead of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the Hummingbirds have gone south, and we're writing - again - about how to count them. For northerners, it's for future reference. The planet is tilting, spring will return, and so will the hummingbirds. Last August we published a method of estimating the number of Hummingbirds you feed based on the amount of nectar disappearing from your feeders. The method we suggested came from a book about hummingbirds by Dan True who, in turn, based his methodology on a 1973 scientific study.

When Do hummingbirds return to nc?

Soon after the flowers start to blooming. Hummingbirds need to eat a lot because they use a lot of energy when they fly. If they would come before the flowers bloom they couldn't get enough energy to live.

What can hummingbirds not do?

Hummingbirds can not walk or hop.

Are hummingbirds poisonous?

No, hummingbirds are not poisonous.

Why are hummingbirds extinct?

Hummingbirds are not extinct.

How do hummingbirds attack?

Male hummingbirds have a territory and feeders within that territory belong to that male. Males will determine who gets to use the feeder. The male will "attack" any others by simply fly toward them and chasing them away and not let them return.

How do hummingbirds move?

Hummingbirds move by flying.

Do hummingbirds have knees?

yes hummingbirds do have knees

Do hummingbirds have lungs?

Yes hummingbirds have lungs.

When did The Hummingbirds end?

The Hummingbirds ended in 1993.

When was The Hummingbirds created?

The Hummingbirds was created in 1986.

Are hummingbirds mammal?

Hummingbirds are birds, not mammals.

What are some kinds of hummingbirds?

Bee Hummingbirds, Rufous Hummingbirds See Related Link below

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