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Q: When do the players in flag football begin playing?
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Who are eligible receivers in flag football?

All players .

How do you become good at flag football?

by not being a sissy and playing real foot ball

What is the object of a flag football game?

The same as a regular football game whoever scores the most points wins except you're playing with flags on and the person has to pull off the flag.

A type of football game that does not involve tackling?

Flag football or touch football

How many players go on the field in touch football?

as many as you want :) most play 7man touch, rough touch in the usa and soft touch in canada. Canada has over 1000 teams playing organized 7man touch football. Flag Football Magazine (603)-437-0108 Flag Football Nationals Jan 17/18th-2009-LasVegas,NV

What is a game developed in Africa?

flag football flag football

What are some Inanimate that begin with the letter F?

· fan · faucet · feather · flag · floor · football · fork · form · furniture

What are the similarities between flag football and tackle football?

Well, mostly all the rules are the same, the only difference in the rules are the ones that have to do with contact. Tha whole point is also the same

How is class flag football different from nfl?

There is no tackle in flag football

What are the best flag football defenses?

the best flag of football is liverpool

How are downs marked in flag football?

How are downs marked in flag football?

What is a down in flag football?

Flag football is similar to American football is almost every way except the tackling. For example, a down in flag football is the same as it is in American football - ten yards.