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The magnitude of the velocity is always equal to the speed.

But velocity is a vector quantity (has a magnitude and direction) while speed is just a scalar quantity (only magnitude). So velocity and speed are never equal.


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speed and velocity becomes equal when a body is moving on a straight road without changing its direction.

The magnitude of average velocity of an object equal to its average speed if that object is moving with CONSTANT velocity.

The speed and direction of an object combine to give its velocity with the speed being equal to the magnitude of the velocity.

Velocity is Speed in a given direction. Moving at constant velocity is equivalent to say moving with a constant speed in a specified direction. So, moving at constant velocity implicitly means moving with constant speed.

It's not. Unless you add a direction to speed it will not become velocity. Since positive and negative are sometimes used to denote direction, absolute value of velocity may equal speed (certain situations)

The speed is the MAGNITUDE of the velocity, i.e., without regard to the direction.

acceleration is the increase of speed in a moving object. velocity is the speed and direction of a moving object.

When an object is not moving. (Velocity is speed)

For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

No, they are not the same! Velocity involves the speed and the direction of the moving object...

A body moving at a uniform speed may have a uniform velocity, or its velocity could be changing. How could that be? Let's look. The difference between speed and velocity is that velocity is speed.

Speed is distance by time and velocity is displacement by time. If an object is moving with speed distance can never be zero but displacement can. So we say velocity can be zero.

speed is how fast an object is moving, velocity is how fast an object is moving in a given direction.

Velocity tells you what speed a moving object travels at and in what direction.

same speed , coz velocity is constant velocity consists of speed and direction...

Speed and velocity cannot be unequal for the same object. Speed tells you how quickly something is moving (as measured, for example, in meters per second) and velocity tells you how quickly something is moving and in what direction it is moving.

Motion describes that something is moving. Speed describes how fast something is moving. Velocity describes how fast something is moving and in what direction its moving.

Velocity is a vector. The magnitude of the velocity - its absolute value - is its speed.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A body can have equal velocity and speed at the same time. for suppose a body is travelling at 20m/s in north direction then the speed of the body is also equal to 20m/s. hence speed and velocity are equal in this case.

Speed is how fast something is moving.Velocity is how fast something is moving in a very specific direction.25mph is a speed25mph at 137degrees 30 minutes north azimuth is a velocity.

That is the case when you are talking about instantaneous speed and velocity - or when the velocity is constant. In the case of an average speed and velocity, this relation does not hold.

No. Speed is the magnitude of velocity. If the speed varies, so will the velocity, even if you are moving in a uniform direction.

A car moving at constant speed in a straight line is also moving at constant velocity.

The speed of an object moving in a particular direction is called the velocity and it's a vector, that is, it has magnitude and direction. Speed is the scalar part of velocity.

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