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You use these forces when you have to push a car to the gas station. You use the force pull when you have to pull a rope.

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Q: When do you use the forces of push and pull?
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What forces do pencil sharpeners use?

push a pull-Aly

What are facts about push or pull forces?

Some situations of push and pull are magnetic and cranes

What types of forces are there?

push and pull forces ;P

What is forces of gravity?

the push or pull of an object.

What are push-pull factors?

. forces that push people out of their native lands and pull them towrad a new place

What does push and pull forces mean?

It means when you push yourself out further :D

How are forces demonstrated with a catapult?

it shows push and pull

What are the main forces used when skiing?

push and pull

How are forces represented?

force is represernted push pull\

What Can change an objects motion?

forces like push and pull

Name three ways that a force can affect an object?

Three forces are Pull ,push and twist . This tell me that the three forces are pull and push and twist anda scanciey answere shdcuedhcuehcuehucheucijreivjerivjrijvirjvirjv.

What are the four forces push pull?

thrust drag lift and gravity