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The setting is the Mississippi countryside in 1933.

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Q: When does 'Roll of thunder hear my cry' take place?
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Where does Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry take place?

in the South in Mississippi

What year did Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry take place?

1933 Mississippi during the great depression

What year does Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry take place in?

1933, during the great depression in Mississippi hope it helped! :)

What year does the roll of thunder take place in?


What county does roll of thunder take place?

it takes places in the county of mississippi

Why does mama take the children to visit mr berry instead of scolding or whippin them from roll of thunder hear my cry?

because she wanted to

Why didn't the children have a bus to take them to school in the book thunder roll hear my cry?

Because black schools didnt get buses

Where did Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry take place?

Near Strawberry, Mississippi. I would describe it as a dry and rusty town near Strawberry, Mississippi... read the first page of rothmc. it says a lot about the setting..

In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry what page does it tell you why the Logan children didn't take their books?

page 42, 5th paragraph down....look real hard.

How long does it take to hear thunder after lightning?

no one knows jk

How is Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and Remember the titans alike?

Write an outline for each book and then take the main ideas/details to put it in your Venn. Since this is a classroom assignment I must suppose you have read both books, and if you didn't you better start reading. (Roll of Thunder is really a good book if you didn't read it.)

What year dose Roll of Thunder Here your Cry take place?

In the Great Depression Era. In the beginning of the book when the school year begins, it is September 1933.

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