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When does By The Waters Of Babylon take place?


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November 16, 2010 1:55PM

It is a post apocalyptic story that takes place after some sort of nuclear war in New York. The ASHING statues was actually a statue of George Washington. UBTREAS is actually the Subtreasury buliding, and the river he sails on is the Hudson River. The "big metal" coming out of the ground is the Brooklyn Bridge, and when he is in the Subtreasury builiding, the big door he can't open is actually a safe. The elders of these new, ignorant people had to create a myth that we normal people who lived before were gods because everything was radioactive, and if you touched it, it could easily kill you. They had to instill fear within the people that the gods would be mad and kill you if you went. It was really just the radiation that was stopping them. So, basically they created this whole culture and religion around lies and fear.