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Dud code lyoko season 2 comes out 26/10/08 and season 3&4 are not out yet sorry

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โˆ™ 2008-07-30 01:49:15
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Q: When does Code Lyoko season 2 volume 2 come out on DVD?
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Will Code Lyoko air again in the US?

yes. MoonScoop decide to come out with a new season of Code Lyoko. The first episode of season 5 premimed 2/13/09

What channel does Code Lyoko come on?

It Will Come Out On 2010 ON September the 5th season comes out on that the day :D

When will code lyoko season 6 come out?

its not going to its only season 1-5 i worked for the company and they said no its a myth

When will code lyoko season 5 come out?

Brand new update this just in the rumors are true Code Lyoko is coming out with a fifth season called Code Lyoko Evolution and the premiere date of this great show in the U.S. will be February 28 , 2013 so get ready for new weapons , new characters , and a whole new set of action - packed adventures.

Will there be a code lyoko season 5?

yes a new season will come out in 2012 look at this site for more info

Will the complete season 2 of Code Lyoko come out in America?

It already has! Try looking on amazon for ALL FOUR seasons!

Does Code Lyoko still come on tv?


What tv channel does code lyoko come on?

cartoon network

When is code lyoko coming back on Cartoon Network?

Sadly code lyoko probaly got wiped off over other shows that seemed better to cartoon network and probaly won't come back enless there is really truly a season probaly went off because code lyoko ended and there new shows that could'NT fit in enless codelyoko went off.but reay i suggest moonscoop wachin if you want code lyoko.

Is code lyoko coming back?

Yes, well there are rumors about Code Lyoko: reloaded three movies and a fifth season not only that in September 2010 season five will come out because code lyoko has not i repeat has not ended actually its November of 2010 no new code lyokos besides they already defeated zana so whats the point? Answer by Bria647784: It's coming back in 2012 not 2010 idoit. -_- and xana is coming back he re-created his self so >:-P haha idoit question answerer

When is season 5 code lyoko going to air?

There is no season 5 that is going to come out as of January 2009. but there will be one coming out in 2012 look at this link for more info

Does Code Lyoko still come on?

yes! on channel 627 on sky everyday

When will code lyoko come back?

Oh go buy a season are the whole series on iTunes. Don't waste your time trying to find out if it will come back on instead go buy a season on iTunes so you can watch it on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Computer, and whatever else.

When does Code Lyoko Reloaded come out?

I don't know for sure, but I've heard sometime in 2010, they will launch it.

When is code lyoko reloaded coming out?

It's supposed to come out this year, however it may not come out at all. There's disscusion over it.

Does code lyoko still come on in the US?

dude as far as i no code lyoko don't exist anymor cept 4 on ondemand services, youtube, etc. my fav show and my parents wont even let me on youtube. and just a note all this talk about a fifth season and crap like that ain't true. ppl just like to hav hope (or mock others).

When does glee season 3 volume 9 CD come out?

There will be no season 3 volume 9 cd.

How many episodes are in Code Lyoko?

There is 95 episodes. People try making up fake episodes further into the series to get veiws. But we're all keeping our fingers crossed that Season 5 will come soon (2012)!

What month does glee season 3 volume 8 CD come out?

There is no season 3 volume 8 cd.

Will code lyoko come back on tv in the US?

Yes it will but it will end on episode 95 but i think they will make a movie out of it but im not sure when

Will Code Lyoko come back on tv?

I've been hearing speculations about Code Lyoko coming back to Cartoon Network in late 2013 around November. I've also heard that it will maybe take some time for it to be translated into English, since the cartoon is originally in either French or Japanese >.< Anyway, I've heard that it will be called Code Lyoko: Evolution(s) or something. So, look for it next year!

Will Code Lyoko Reloaded come out on Cartoon Network?

Code Lyoko: Reloaded is mainly an Kabillion production, it will probably only show on Kabillion, which is only avaible through comcast. If its a big hit, cartoon network might try to get the show recordings for there network, but it will probably just stay on kabillion

When does season 2 volume 2 of glee come out?

It already did.

When will season 4 of the fugitive come out on DVD?

nov 2010 for volume 1 of the 4th season

When does season 1-3 6 teen come out on DVD?

season 2 volume 1 was released on sept,22,09.Its goin to be a while before volume 2 and season 3 will be on dvd.