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According to The New York Times, the movie Inkspell has already been announced.

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Q: When does Inkspell the movie come out?
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Is inkspell on DVD?

Yes, Inkspell is now a movie and it is out on DVD! Its stars Brendan Fraser and Eliza Bennett.

Is there going to be a movie for Inkspell and inkdeath?

No, when Inkheart was first released into a movie. Most of the people disliked it so they will not make any more movies of the Inkworld trilogy. (I wish there WAS Inkspell and Inkdeath the movie:( )

When is the DVD release date for Inkspell?

No, only Inkheart was made into a movie.

Will inkspell become a movie?

If you ask me they made Inkheart into basically 2 of the 3 books. So I don't think they will be making Inkspell. Maybe Inkdeath though.

When was Inkspell created?

Inkspell was created in 2005.

Is there another book after Inkspell?

Its Inkheart Inkspell Inkdeath

Will they make a inkspell movie?

Yes. The New York Times has already announced the release date.

When was inkspell published?

Inkspell was released on October 1, 2005

Is Inkheart first or inkspell?

Inkheart came first...and then Inkspell.

When is inkspell going to be out?

if you mean the inkspell book then it's already out. if you mean the film then there might be an inkspell film they don't know yet.

What language was Inkspell written in first?

Inkspell was first written in German.

Who is playing farid in inkspell?

Farid was played by Rafi Gavron in Inkheart, however there is no one cast for his character in Inkspell as there are currently no plans to adapt Inkspell.