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When does Magneton evolve?

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Hmm... you have to go to Mt. Coronet and level it up 1 level, then it will evolve into the final form: Magnezone.

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How do you evolve magnezone?

You cannot evolve magnezone, but you can evolve magnetite into a magneton at LV 30 and evolve the magneton into a magnezone by leveling up magneton in Mount Coronet

What does magneton evolve into?

Magneton evolves into Magnezone.

Did magneton evolve in gale of darkness?

No, Magneton does not evolve and cannot evolve in Pokémon XD.

How does magnemite evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Magnemite evolve into Magneton at lv30. I never find wild Magneton. So, I train my Magnemite. It evolve into Magneton at lv30

What level does magneton evolve in HeartGold?

Magneton can't evolve in have to train on Mt. Coronet

Does magneton have to hold a magnet to evolve?

No, you can evolve it in D/P/Pt by leveling up a Magneton in Mt. Coronet.You cannot evolve Magneton into Magnezone in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

How do you evolve magneton in platinum?

level magneton in mt coronet.

What level does magneton evolve Pokemon Crystal?

Magneton cannot evolve any further in Pokemon Crystal.

How do you evolve Magneton on Pokemon White version?

You level Magneton up while at Chargestone Cave, and it will evolve into Magnezone.

What level does magneton evolve on Pokemon Omega Ruby?

You have to level up a magneton in New Mauville to evolve it into magnezone

How do you evolve magneton to magnezone?

You can evolve Magneton into Magnezone only if you give to it the item called (Magnet)... When Magneton is holding Magnet go and Exp it...By the way the evolve part depends on what level your Magneton is....If it is level 30 go and grow its level by one and it will evolve...If your Magneton is not 30 lvl then Give to it also a lot of medicene(Protain,carbos,calcium....)and sould evolve after the level...i hope that i helped :D

How do you make magneton evolve in HeartGold?

You can't only diamond, pearl and platinum can because they have MT coronet which is where magneton will evolve.

Can magneton evolve in heartgold?

It can't because Magneton needs a certain magnetic field in Mt Coronet to evolve into Magnezone.

What level does magneton evolve at on Pokemon Yellow?

Magneton is the last evolution form.sorry.

In Pokemon diamond where can you find a magneton?

The only way to get Magneton is to evolve a Magnemite.

When does magneton evolve in Pokemon black 2?

Magneton can evolve at any level since it evolves while in the Chargestone Cave, all that's required is to go inside and level up Magneton once and it will evolve into Magnezone.

What level does magneton evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

it mite evolve with a thunderstoneYou cant. You have to level a magneton up at Mt.Coronet in diamond, pearl, or platinum. Then it will evolve into Magnezone

How do you evolve magneton in soul silver?

You can't evolve magneton in soul silver. You can only evolve it by trading it back to Diamond or Pearl and training it at Mt. Coronet.

Where do you evolve magneton in explorers of sky?

you can not.

What does magnemite evolve into in Pokemon?

Magnemite evolves into Magneton starting at level 30.

How does magneton evolve on heartgold?

Magneton can't evolve in heartgold or soulsilver because mt coronet is not in the game so you must have diamond, pearl or platinum version evolve it for you.

How does magneton evovle?

Level up Magneton while in Mt. Coronet, and it will evolve into a Magnezone.

What level soes magneton evolve at?

Magneton evolves if you level it up at Mt. Coronet.

How do you evolve a magnum on Pokemon pearl?

Did you mean Magneton or Magmar. If it is Magneton or Magmar you have to trade them.

Can you evolve magneton on Pokemon soul silver?

No, you can't evolve Magneton in Pokémon SoulSilver, in order to evolve it you would have to trade it into a Diamond, Pearl or Platinum game.