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The season premiere of Book 4: Balance of The Legend of Korra will premiere on October 3, 2014.

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Q: When does The Legend of Korra start back up?
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Will prince zoku in the Legend of Korra only comes at Saturday?

No but his grandson will show up.

Who likes who in the Legend of Korra?

I personally went and watched every episode online just to answer this one question so... You're welcome. Anyways here's what I picked up: Korra likes Mako Mako likes Asami and Korra (mostly Asami, for now.) Bolin LOVES Korra Korra kinda likes Bolin Pabu likes Bolin Naga likes Korra Amon likes taking away their bending. There you go that's what I've scrapped up.

When is Season 4 of the last air-bender?

There is no season 4. They have came up with a whole new series called the legend of korra.

Why did they end the avatar shows?

because they wrapped up the show and had nowhere else to go with the show. however they are making Avatar: Legend of Korra.

Will avatar the Legend of Korra bring up if Zuko found his mom?

Most likely. Otherwise, they'll get a lot of panicked letters from fans.

Is avatar cancelled?

no it isn't cancelled they just ran out of story bc they wrapped up the show. however, they are starting a new project Avatar: Legend of Korra

Did Zuko have a kid?

Yes. His grandson's name is Iroh according to the Legend of Korra. His only known child is his daughter, who appears to be Fire Lord during the time-period of Legend of Korra. It is worth noting that given the official comics for the Avatar series, that it unlikely that Mei is the mother of any of Zuko's children since they broke up.

What will happen in episode 13 of The Legend of Korra?

Spoilers:Episode 13 of the whole Legend of Korra series - Rebel SpiritSix months have passed since Amon and the Equalists were defeated, and Korra and the rest of Team Avatar have settled into the peace and quiet Republic City has come to enjoy. Everyone packs up and heads to the South Pole where the Glacier Spirits Festival is set to take place. Upon their arrival, they are soon greeted by Korra's parents, as well as Tonraq's brother, Unalaq, chief of the Northern Water Tribe. Tensions between the two over the spirits of the south force Korra to rethink her training regime. However, the spirits don't wait and that night they launch their angry attack on Korra.

1993 acura legend hard to start morning time only?

we have 1993 acura legend it hard up it 4 to 5 times to start up when it start it will start up e.z i mean when engine warm up any body have any idea ?

Why are they making a new series of Avatar the Last Air Bender called The Legend of Korra?

The creators of Avatar The Last Airbender was created to be expanded. The Legend of Korra is a former Avatar of Aang. The original series opened up the door for him when they mentioned Koh the face stealer in the season finale of of the first season, and brought his story back up in the series finale.It's because The Last Airbender was a great success and they want to continue on creating it for the fans. Also, I must mention that it will continue the series of people being the avatar after the one before them dies.they can't continue the old show because they want something new out that everyone will love

How do you you kill octoroks in Legend of Zelda?

Hold your shield up to deflect their projectiles back at them.

How do you get your lantern back in Legend of Zelda twilight princess?

All you do is run to where the monkey dropped it and press a to pick it back up.

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