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It can start as early as March 1 depending on the weather, once the ground starts to thaw is time to apply the flea and tick meds.

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How did the bubonic plague start?

It was a flea who fed on a rat and the rat gave the disease the flea had and gave it to people.

When is flea season?

Flea season usually runs from early spring until December depending upon the weather. Once the warmer days of spring are here the fleas begin to hatch and infest our Pets and living areas. I usually suggest to begin flea prevention in February.

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The flea genus is the genus of a flea

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Do cat fleas like only cats?

No, a flea is a flea. There is no "cat flea" or "dog flea". Its just a flea and its just as likely to get a cat or dog.

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