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This can only be determined by a physician. First, you will need to see your primary care provider. Your primary care provider will make a diagnosis or a "preliminary diagnosis." You will then most likely be given a referral to an orthopedic physician. Lastly, only your orthopedic physician can determine the need for arthroscopic surgery.

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Q: When does one require arthroscopic knee surgery?
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Who is the best Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, ACL Treatment in Melbourne?

Get arthroscopic knee surgery and ACL treatment by one of the best knee surgeons in Melbourne. Book Your Appointment Today! 03 94284128

How would a knee brace benefit you after knee surgery?

A knee brace has its own benefits especially after knee surgery. One, there's mainly the problem of additional damage to the weak bone of the knee after knee surgery.

Where can someone find information about Arthroscopic Surgery online?

There are a few places one could find out about arthroscopic surgery online. One could go to Wikipedia and find some information. One could also check out government websites like NHS or medical websites like WebMD.

Where can one find more information about virtual knee surgery?

Information on virtual knee surgery can be found on the Edheads website. One can go through the entire process of a knee surgery. One can simulate being the surgeon as well.

Where can one find information on arthroscopic shoulder surgeries?

There are a number of sites that offer information about arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The most extensive information that was found is on the 'About' website under the topic of shoulder Arthroscopy. One can also find information on the Health Pages website.

Can a stretched LC return to normal after knee replacement surgery with time?

After knee replacement surgery, as the time passes and adoption of correct exercise for your knee, LC returns to normal. However, one can suffer from pain.

When is a hinged knee brace required?

A hinged knee brace is required when a knee has been severely injured or immediately after knee surgery. One can purchase a hinged knee brace at a pharmacy.

Arthroscopic Practices in Orthopedics?

Arthroscopic surgery has allowed orthopedic surgeons to really branch out in recent years and get better ideas of why and how injuries occur in joints. Orthopedics is the study of musculoskeleton injuries that occur due to infections, cancer, sports-related injuries, or degenerative conditions. Arthroscopic surgeons have been specially trained to be able to closely examine the area where a person is experiencing pain and remedy that problem through either surgical techniques or by other means of relief. Orthopedics has a long history of examining such injuries as carpal tunnel, hand fractures, knee/hip replacements, and shoulder-related injuries. Only within the past 20 to 30 years has the practice of using arthroscopic procedures become prevalent in orthopedic examinations. As a general rule, arthroscopy is usually concerned with just injuries to the joints, more specifically the shoulder and the knee. After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon, a patient’s likelihood for relief from minimally invasive arthroscopic proceedings is assessed. Cartilage tears are usually the best candidates to respond to some level of arthroscopy. Slight tears in the meniscus or ACL/MCL in the knee are the prime candidates for receiving arthroscopic procedures. Rotator cuff injuries and inflammatory diseases in the shoulder can also be remedied by orthopedic surgeons. Arthroscopic procedures can also remove tiny bone fragments that have become loose in the knee or shoulder areas of the body. By using numerous small incisions instead of making one large incision, the orthopedic surgeon can examine the different parts of the injured area while still maintaining a minimally invasive way of remedying the problem. A small light will illuminate the area allowing for the surgeon to perform the necessary procedures. While there are still the inherent risks in arthroscopic surgery as there are in other surgeries, the fact that orthopedic surgeons use such small amounts of invasive techniques make it less risky than a normal surgery would be. Some effects of having arthroscopic surgery are blood clotting in the area of the surgery, infections in the area being examined by the surgeon, and general trouble with anesthesia.

Why Would One Need Knee Surgery?

Osteoarthritis, the breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone is one of the major reasons for knee replacement surgery in Chennai. Age is a very common condition and it occurs when cartilage the protection or covering between the knee and the bone joints breaks down.

Did rey mysterio have surgery?

Yes. 7 times on one of his knee and 1 on the arm.

When should you call the doctor after getting a knee injury?

After getting knee surgery, there is a mandatory healing time one should wait prior to visiting the doctor after surgery. However, if one is in excruciating pain, one should visit the doctor immediately especially if the pain is worsening.