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in the presence of a base

in the presence of an acid

when it is in a neutral solution

when it is reacting with a metal

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What solutions turn phenolphthalein pink?

Basic/alkaline solutions turn phenolphthalein pink.

What turns phenolphthalein pink?

Alkalies above pH 8 turn phenolphthalein pink.

What does a pink color with phenolphthalein solution indicate?

A pink color in a solution with phenolphthalein indicates that the solution is basic. In acid phenolphthalein solutions, the solution will turn colorless.

Why does Phenolphthalein turn pink in potassium hydroxide solution?

phenolphthalein is a weak acid, when reacting with strong alkali it turns pink

Why does phenolphthalein make a base turn pink?

The phenolphthalein molecule is colorless but the phenolphthalein ion is pink. When a base is present in a solution containing phenolphthalein, the molecule to ions equilibrium shifts to create more (pink) ions than (colorless) molecules.

What makes phenolphthalein turn alkali pink?

Phenolphthalein turns pink in the presence of a base or any solution with a ph over 7.

What happens when you mix Sodium hydroxide and phenolphthalein?

it will turn pink. phenophathaline turns pink in alkaline ph

What would happen if I placed a Vial of phenolphthalein into a jar with ammonia?

Nothing will happen... but when you put a drop of the vial in the phenolphthalein, the phenolphthalein will turn into pink... It was just an observation that I saw in our experiment this afternoon

Will phenolphthalein turn pink in coca-cola?

No, Coke would have to have a PH of more than 10 to turn pink. Coke only has a PH of 3

Color of phenolphthalein in acid?

Phenolphthalein turns pink in acids

What is the color of phenolphthalein indicator?

it is colorless but it will turn pink to indicate that the end-point has been reached

Can phenolpthalein solution be used to prove that toothpaste is a base?

Phenolphthalein changes from colorless to pink in the range of pH 8.2 - 10. If toothpaste has a pH that is below this range, phenolphthalein will not indicate the basicity. if the pH is higher, which I believe it is in most (some) toothpastes, then phenolphthalein can be used, because it will turn from colorless to pink.

What colour is phenolphthalein in acid?

Phenolphthalein is colorless in acid and pink ins a basic solution.

What color are acids after phenolphthalein is added to them?

Very strong acid solutions that have phenolphthalein added to them turn orange, but in general acidic solutions with phenolphthalein are colorless. If the solution is titrated to slightly basic (pH > 8.2) it will turn pink. Note that in extremely basic solutions (pH > 13) it will revert to colorless again.

Why phenolphthalein change color?

Phenolphthalein in acidic titrations,turns colorless and pink in basic solutions.

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