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Q: When does requip become generic?
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When will generic requip be available in United States pharmacies?

Generic Requip should be available at many U.S. pharmacies in June or July 2008. However, if your local pharmacy doesn't have it, you can order it now from these licensed foreign pharmacies. These pharmacies have it already because their local drug regulation bodies approved Generic Requip earlier than the US FDA did. Requip costs US$101.44 for 90tabs/2mgs. Requip is $174.20 for 84tabs/ 2mgs.

Can Seroquel help with Requip induced hallucinations?

Please discuss this with your Doctor! I don't know what the generic name is for Requip but I'd be very careful before I mixed prescription drugs. Read about them both then look at what they can and can't be mixed with before you take them both together.

Does requip show up on a toxicity screen?

Does requip show up on

When will Xalatan become generic in 2011?

Starting in March, 2011 Xalatan will become generic

Does requip contain aspirin?


Does requip help with lower back pain and leg pain when taken with 60mg of Cymbalta?

I take Cymbalata total 60mg daily and ropinirole (generic for requip) .25 mg 3 tablets at bedtime. I have found my leg pain to be virtually gone. I do have lower back problems and RLS so these two are helping. I hope it stay this way.

What are the indications for Requip XL?

The FDA-labeled indications for Requip XL are: Parkinson's Disease Restless legs syndrome

Will requip show up on your drug test?


What do you do you mix?

There is no such thing as "conac".

When will Mirapex become generic?

It became generic in Ontario, Canada around July, 2007.

When will Belsomra become generic?

Because of strict patents registered by Eli Lilly, Strattera (atomoxetine) should not become available in generic form in the US.

Can you mix Valium and ropinirole?

I have checked with a pharmacist friend, he said it is ok to take ativan (lorazepam) and requip (ropinirole) together.