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It depends on the individual school district, state, county,.for West field it's April 25.

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2011-04-22 16:58:41
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Q: When does school begin for public schools after spring break?
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When does spring break begin in Florida in public schools?

Friday march 11

When does spring break begin for Florida public schools in 2010?

Friday march 11

When did integration begin in the public schools?


How did public schools in California begin?

By California becoming a state.

Should public schools begin the day with a silent prayer time?

no. i go to a public school and im very open about different religions but i dont want someone pushing there practices on me. I think school should be about education not religion.

When does spring break begin?

It varies, ask your school system.

When does high school soccer begin?

Tryouts are in the spring or fall, depending on your school.. workouts before that

What months do you attend to school in oklahoma?

Oklahoma public schools operate during 10 months of the year. Classes generally begin in August and run through May.

When does spring break begin for school?

Depends on the school district, state or region. Check with your local school district.

Does school begin after Labor Day?

No, most schools begin before Labor Day. In the Midwest, they begin in mid-August.

Do I have to have a teaching degree to begin teaching grade school?

Yes, all public schools in the United States will require a teaching degree. You can obtain these from an accredited 4 year institution..

What day did school begin in Miami in 2010?

In the 2013-2014 school year, school began for Miami-Dade County Public Schools on August 19, 2013. It is likely that school began on a similar day in 2010 (Monday of the third week of August).

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