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It is entirely up to the individual school districts. It differs from state to state, even from town to town. Generally, however, spring break is sometime in March or April.

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2008-02-14 04:03:24
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Q: When does spring break start and end for us schools?
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When does spring break start and end for Houston schools?

love it next week and it ends on February,18

When does spring break end for NYC schools?

spring break ends on April 27 2011

When is the majority of the US schools on spring break in 2009?

In the United States, spring break may range from the end of February to later days in April, but many schools are out for at least one of the weeks in March. Some schools call this "March break" when it is a middle week in March. Other schools call it "spring recess." Many K-12 institutions in the United States coincide their spring break with Easter and Passover. In New York, most students have spring break in April.

When do American schools go back after summer break?

It depends on the town and State the school is in. Most American schools re-start for Fall classes in late August or the first week of September. In the Spring, most American schools end in the first week of June for summer break.

When does spring break start and finish?

of course around spring right nearly at the end of the month April or may

What week is high school spring break 2011?

March 14 to 18 depends on which week your state/school appoints this Spring Break to start and end at :)

When is summer break 2009 start for New York City public schools?

I believe middle schools end June 26, and high schools end June 16.

How long does spring break last?

Spring Break is typically a one week vacation. Colleges across the country have off at different times. The Spring Break season starts at the end of February and goes until mid April, with the most schools off in the middle of March.

When did Spring Break Challenge end?

Spring Break Challenge ended on 2010-03-26.

When does spring break start and end for middle school students?

It depends on your country and school. So ask at your school.

When does spring break end for Bridgeport public schools?

This year.. 2011.. in Bridgeport,CT it is Monday April 18- Friday April 22. Hope this helped :)

When does NZST start?

the end of spring?

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