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approximate shipping date is July 2009

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Q: When does the Coraline replica 10 inch doll come out?
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What stores sell 18 inch doll clothes?

I love shopping at My Pink Planet. They have beautiful doll clothes and it's great quality. They carry 15 inch and 18 inch doll clothes. Their prices are affordable and the doll clothes arrives is gift boxes. See the related link.

What is the value of a 16 inch Hulk Hogan Doll?

Not as much as a 24 inch.

Would 15 inch doll clothes fit a 16 inch doll?

Might be slightly big but over all should be fit fine.

What is the average price for an 18 inch porcelain doll?

The average price for an eighteen inch porcelain doll varies depending on which model of the doll one is looking for. Certain models can be as low as $7.77 or as high as $130+

How long is a 22 inch doll?

about 2 ft

What are two stores that sell clothes for an 18 inch doll?

There are a number of online sites that offer clothing for an 18 inch doll but it has been found that there are two stores that are listed as offering 18 inch doll clothing. One can find these items at Sears as well as Toys r Us.

Where can be found a 2 inch wooden doll head with painted features for a specialty doll to make for a child?

The best place to find a 2 inch wooden doll head with painted features for a specialty doll to make for a child is in a large craft store. Michael's often carries these and similar items.

What is the value of a Lorrie stroller 32 inch walking doll?


Where can you purchase 14 inch Santa Claus doll made by fiber-Craft?

Sorry but they have been discontinued. You may get lucky and find some on EBay or garage sales. There is a 13 inch Santa Doll offered at Sunshine Discount Crafts.

Can you get 18 inch doll clothes at walmart?

Yes. Walmart sells 18" clothes since they have their own line of 18"dolls. The My Life doll have clothes and accessories.

Where can you buy the Angelina Jolie doll?

You can pre-order your doll here:

What other brand of clothes fit American girl dolls?

any 18 inch doll clothes