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The release date for "The Familiars Book 5" has not been announced yet. It's best to follow updates from the author or publisher on their website or social media to stay informed about the release date.

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Q: When does the familiars book 5 come out?
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Will there be a fourth book of the familiars?

Their probably is going to be a fourth book of the familiars because gilbert said their will be another adventure and aldwyn still has to find his sister.

How many pages does The Familiars have?

"The Familiars" by Stacey Halls has 368 pages.

Will there be a 5th familiars book by Adam jay epstein?

There has been no official announcement regarding a 5th book in the Familiars series by Adam Jay Epstein. It's best to follow the author's website or social media for any updates on new releases.

When was The Familiars - film - created?

The Familiars - film - was created in 2014.

Is there a second book to the Familiars series?

Yes, there is a second book in the Familiars series called "Secrets of the Crown". It continues the adventures of Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert as they embark on a new quest.

What is the ISBN of The Familiars?

The ISBN for "The Familiars" by Stacey Halls is 978-0778357214.

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