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In Blaine MN the mail man comes on Saturday in the morning hours.

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Q: When does the mail man come on saturday in blaine MN?
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What time does USPS mail come in NJ?

It depends where you live and the route of the mail deliverer in your town. Mine comes around 2:30 Monday through saturday

What time the mail man come in Neptune?

There is no mail man going to Neptune!

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What time does the mail man come?

when ever the postal service decides to give it to you (Edited by Clankerz 1/29/11 12:30 PM): During the week (Monday - Friday) the mailman comes around 1:30 - 3:00 PM. However during the weekend i don't know 100%. On Sunday though, mail does not come, and on Saturday, it may come earlier, on time, or later.

Will the mail man come on December 30?

No as it is santas day to derliver everything

Does Ashton drake baby doll you are my sunshine come by the mail man?


What time do the mail man come?

The mailcarrier is not like Santa. Santa Claus apparently visits hundreds of thousands of kids in one 6-hour period. Mailcarriers, on the other hand, go to work and fill their bags and trucks so that they are starting to carry mail around 8:45am to 9:00am, depending on how much mail there is. They finish their routes at around 3:45pm to 4:15pm, again depending on much mail there is. If you live near the beginning of the mail carriers route, then you might get your mail from, say, 9:15am to 10:15am. If you live near the end of the route, you might get your mail around 3:00pm to 4:15pm. If you live in the middle of the route, your mailbox is filled some time between 10:00 am to 3:30pm. Mail delivery occurs Monday through Saturday, but not on public holidays. Make sense?

Who are mail man?

the man/women who delivers your mail

What time does mail man come in Illinois?

It depends where you live not everywhere is the same time but it should come from 12pm-3pm sometimes it comes later than you expect but all mail times are different.

Who delivers the mail man's mail?

Simple if that mail man has a route that includes his house then he delivers his own mail. However that is highly uncommon. Otherwise whichever mail man that has the route that includes his house will deliver his mail. (can be a her as well)

What time do the mail man run on saturdays?

In Australia the postman doesn't come on Saturdays, except in the lead up to Christmas. Even then he will come at different times to different areas.