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The water cycle comes from Condensation ,Evaporation, and Precipitation

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Q: When does the water cycle begin?
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Related questions

How does the water cycle begin?

The water cycle starts with evaporation.

When did the water cycle begin?

The water cycle began when the first bacteria created oxygen and made water. The sun then evaporated the water and the water vapour condensed making the first clouds and then it precipitated and it continued for then.

What is a hydologic cycle?

The hydologic cycle is better known commonly as the water cycle: Water evaporates from the sea, forms rain clouds, falls as rain on the land, rain water flows down hill, and eventually returns to the sea - only to evaporate and begin the water cycle all over again.

What is an non example for rock cycle?

water cycle

Stars begin their life cycle in?

stars begin their life cycle in a NEBULA...

What is waters favorite way to travel?

water cylce

What happens to the bodies of water as the sun shines?

When the sun shines, the bodies of water begin to heat up and the water will evaporate into the atmosphere. This would be the start of the water cycle.

How are precipitation evaporation and ground water involved with the water cycle?

The water evaporates and forms clouds. When the clouds get big enough, they cause precipitation. Ground water comes from precipitaion run underground which hydrates plants. The water cycle will then begin again. This definition is in literal terms.

What property chemical or physical would best describe the process of water evaporating from the oceans to begin the water cycle?

evaporation is a physical change

Is the TCA cycle the same as Krebs Cycle?

what does the tca cycle begin with

What is the process in which water circulates from the ocean to the clouds to the clouds to the land to the rivers and then accumulates back into the ocean?

This process is called the water cycle where the water in the ocean is heated by the sun and evaporates forming clouds. When the clouds are full and cannot take any more water they begin to rain. This fills the oceans once more and the water cycle begin all over again. Hope i helped ;)

How does the water cycle help to clean dirty water?

When water evaporates all the dirt gets left behind. That water vapor will eventually condense into a cloud which will rain down a cleaner version of the water that was dirty to begin with.

Why is thair water in the water cycle?

Water is regulated in water cycle. Hence, water is involved in water cycle.

What do water cycle mean?

the water cycle is the cycle of water and what it goes through

What is the correct water cycle sequence?

Basically, the water cycle could begin with the evaporation of sea water by wind and sun, to form warm water vapour that rises high into the sky to form moisture laden clouds. When the clouds are blown by the wind to land, meeting cold air, rain may fall onto the land. The rain runs into stream, then rivers (some will be absorbed into the water-table). Eventually, the rain will flow into the sea again, and the water cycle continues.

What is the name of water movement between Earths surface and the atmosphere?

water cycleWater cycle!the water cycle.The water cycle

Where does the rock cycle begin and end?

the rock cycle has no beginnig or end

Describe a small water cycle that takes a short time to complete?

the water vapor takes a short time

Are there poems about the water cycle?

yes there is a poem about the water cycle you could go to water cycle poems and ther will be many poems about the water cycle

What cycle has water as an end product?

the water cycle The water cycle. (It ends as rain - which is water.)

How do the phases of water change throughout the water cycle?

Basically, water evaporates off the sea and becomes water vapour. The water vapour rises and becomes clouds. The clouds rain onto the land, and the rain water runs into rivers and eventually into the sea, to begin the water cycle all over again. Some rain water seeps into the ground and adds to the water table. Some water, naturally, rains down on the sea.

Why is water cycle is important cycle?

Water cycle regulates water. Hence it is important.

What is another name for the water cycle?

Another name for the water cycle is the hydrologic cycle.

Does the water cycle ensure that you have a water cycle of fresh water?

Yes, water cycle ensure that we can have fresh water. It helps in recycling the water.

The sequence of conditions through which water passes in the atmosphere and on Earth's surface is called the?

Water cycle is correct!