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It depends on which university you are asking about. Generally after second week of June.

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Q: When does university semester starts in the turkey?
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What is university year of based on?

Most University 'years' are based on starting in September (fall semester) and ending in the Spring semester (either May or June). The University year starts with the year of the Fall semester.

Time table for Anna university trichy second semester exams?

it starts on 19th June

When will Trichy Anna university update the syllabus for III Semester?

the syllabus will be updated just a week before the college starts.

When does the next semester start for college?

If you are attending a college or university that operates on a semester system, then the next regular semester would start in either late August, or early September depending on on the school. However, registration could start anywhere from may through September once again depending on the school.

What is timetable of BCA 1st semester?

When 1st semester for bca starts

How can you get Anna university second semester question paper?

Anna university coimbatore second semester question paper

Is Sonoma on quarter or semester?

Sonoma State University is part of the California State University system. As of June 2014, the university follows a semester system.

What system is university of Phoenix classes quarter or semester credits?

The University of Phoenix operates on a regular semester credit system.

What is Anna university's trichy exam timetable for third semester?

Third semester

What is semester system?

For a college or university that operates on a two semester academic year, a semester is approximately 16 weeks. Fall semester runs from September through December, and Spring semester from January through May. Although less frequent, there are some schools that run on quarter semesters which are three 11 week semesters with the fourth being optional, and the trisemester which are two semesters with the third being optional.

What is the pass mark for final semester Anna university chennai?

45 is the pass mark for all the semester in anna university

What is the average cost of a semester of college at Loyola Marymount University?

A semester comes in at about $26,000.