When does your body ovulate?

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==Ovulation Basics== This link tells it all: Most people start ovulating exactly two weeks after the start of your period. Although it could be different for everyone.

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Q: When does your body ovulate?
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Related questions

Do you ovulate or get a period first?

You ovulate first as your period is your body getting rid of the egg and excess mucus etc.

What hormone in the body increases right before a woman is about to ovulate?

Luteinizing hormone (LH)

How does the endocrine system affect the female reproductive system?

Hormones tell the body when to ovulate.

Do you ovulate each time you have your period?

You ovulate befrore you period starts. Ovulation is when the egg drops from the ovary and goes down the tube. Your period is when your body sheds the egg and the extra linging it has built in the uterus. You have to ovulate to have a period. Unless you are using a hormonal birth control No, you don't necessarily ovulate just because you have your period.

What happens to a womans body if she does not ovulate?

The lining of the uterus breaks down as it normally would and she has her period

What happens to your body after you stop birth control?

You start to ovulate and get your period back and you can get pregnant again.

Do you still ovulate after you have conceived?

No, if you are pregnant, you do not ovulate.

Do you ovulate before your cycle or after?

You ovulate befor your cycle and after, but you do not start to ovulate for two to three days after.

Can you ovulate if you have no cervix?

Yes, you can ovulate when you have no cervix. The cervix is the opening to the uterus, whereas you ovulate from the ovary.

What does it mean when your new to getting your period and don't get it monthly?

It just means it's irregular or not as frequent as in other women. You don't menstruate until you ovulate, and you don't ovulate until your body is physically able to cope with pregnancy - it takes time for your body to mature enough physically to ovulate on a regular basis. Don't expect regular cycles until adulthood.

What happens to your body after you stop taking birth control?

You start to ovulate and get your period back and you can get pregnant again.

What does a ovulation kit do?

An OPK detects LH in your urine and gives you a positive result when it detects this surge. A positive test does not ensure that you will in fact ovulate, your body may gear up to ovulate but not release an egg.

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