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ANSWER 2: Thirteen (which is the first age that has the word teen at the end of it).

ANSWER 1: 0-1.4 - baby 1.5-2.9 - infant 3-5.9 - small child 6-7.9 - child 8-9.9 - youth 10-12.9 - tween 13-19.9 - teen 18-21.9 - young adult 22-64.9 - adult 65+ - senior

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Q: When does your child become a teenager?
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Can your child become a teenager in fable 3?

No, children do not age into teenagers in Fable 3. Once your child reaches a certain age, they remain at that stage throughout the game.

How manys days on sims 1 does a child on sims become a teenager or an adult?

it takes a while. probably how long it takes for a baby to become a child.

What is a normal height for a child or teenager?

child: 4' - 5' teenager: 5'+

What does a child do more of once they become a teenager?

Argue, Eat, Party, Sleep, Date, Talk on the Phone, Shop

Do kids become a teen at 13?

yes you become a teen when you are 13 and plus. 4-8 child well (you still a child when you are 13). 8-12 tweens 13-18 teenager. thanks.

When does Naruto become a teenager?

He is a teenager is shippuden! =)

How do you get your child to grow up into a teenager on sims 3?

if you want the kid to grow up into a teenager you can buy a birthday cake or wait tell it age on its own the it well become a teenage

Is justin bieber a child or a teenager?

Teenager. He's 19

Does Karai have a child?

Karai does not have a child. She is only a teenager.

What is the difference between a child and a teenager?

A teenager is still considered a child until they reach the age of majority (adulthood). A teenager is a person of the age thirteen to nineteen inclusive.

Can a teenager tutor a child?

It probably depends on the teenager and the child, but in most cases, they probably could. A teenager could help a child with his/her homework and explain concepts. This would be beneficial to both of them. The child would do better in school. The teenager would get that nice feeling. It is also shown that teaching someone reinforces the information in their own brain, so the teenager will remember the information better.

Is 14 year a child?

Yes. At 14 you are a child who is a teenager.