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Most women start to show around 4 or 5 months. But all women are different. How it feels is unexplainable. I felt quite bloated within a month of conception, so it seemed like I was "showing" although it wasn't really the baby. I had to wear maternity clothes by 6 weeks because of the bloating and I carry all out front (I could rest a dinner plate on my stomach by 9 months!). Waiting to "show" is one of the most anticipated moments (or one of the most dreaded) in pregnancy. If you are looking forward to it, go ahead and start wearing the maternity clothes now! If not, just wear clothing that is a little looser. By the way, it is a WONDERFUL feeling emotionally (although not always physically). If you know what it feels like to be bloated before your period, that is the physical sensation at first, but it's all good because you know there is life in you and usually you want to show it off rather than hide it!

2004-12-27 19:48:49
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Where does puberty usually start at?

Mostly when you feel like your underwear is getting wet a lot. If that's happens you might want to start getting ready for your period. It happens all the time. Even the first few days when your not on your period you'll start getting cramps in your stomach! Don't worry your just turning into a woman!

When pregnant when does your stomach get hard?

When you start to show!! it wont be jiggly eather!! it starts to feel like muscile!!!!

When to start bodybuilding?

Whenever you feel like it and feel like you are getting alot fatter than you are or you woulnd be wanting to lift weights.

How does sperm feel when its inside you?

How does sperm feel when its inside you? well from my experience it will feel like little bubbles inside your stomach going up. then your stomach will get tight and it will feel like something dropped to the bottom of your stomach

Does your stomach hurt before you get your first period?

Sometimes, it can feel like a cramp in the lower part of your stomach, And other times it can feel like a stomach ache!

What does a nanobug feel like when it's in your belly?

I've swallowed one before, and to be honest, it feels like getting an inner stomach massage.

What does it feel like when your in love with a guy?

It may feel like butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him. You get really nervous and start to sweat. You smile and giggle every time you hear his name.

When you first get pregnant does the bottom of your stomach feel like your having period cramps?

Mine sure did. It felt like i was getting ready to have the Period From Hell.

You kind of feel sick but your stomach feels weird like it has flutters?

i kind of feel sick. but my stomach feels weird like it has flutters

When you drink coffee your stomach hurt and your eyes feel like they have sand in them Why is that?

Why is it when I drink coffee my stomach hurts and my eyes feel like there's sand in them?

What does getting humped feel like?

If you are a girl, your vagina will feel better when you hump instead of getting humped.

How does your stomach feel when your pregnant?

Bloated, kinda like when you over eat and you feel like your stomach is about to bust open, yea well get use to that feeling for 9mths :)

How does your stomach feel in the first week of pregnancy?

Your stomach really doesn't feel that much different the first week of pregnancy. You don't really start to feel something until 4-8 weeks of pregnancy. During this time, women sometimes feel period-like cramping when the embryo implants itself in the uterus. If you are prone to morning sickness, this is also when you will start to have nausea.

What do it mean if it feel like something moving in your stomach?

if you feel something moving around in your stomach, you're most probably pregnant!

Can you feel the lump from cancer on your stomach?

NO! like really

What does it feel like to make out?

Before you do, you get butterflies in your stomach!

How can you tell if you are about to start your period?

Ways to tell if your period is coming.Your breasts will start to feel soreA slime-like liquid will form in your vagina and as it gets slimier you can tell you are getting closer to your period. This is mucus from the vaginal lining.Strange mood swings.Painful stomach cramps ( usually comes within 1 hour of getting period)

Bubbling in stomach?

bubbling in stomach is when you feel something special for someone nd they are like butterflies

Why do you feel movement in your stomach?

Becouse if you have like gas, there is bubbles in your stomach, or your intestines move around

What does it mean if you have butterflies?

Answerbutterflies are when you are nervous. like just before a big race you may feel tingling inside your stomach and this is the feeling called butterflies.also means that you feel like you think that you might not be able to start.

Why are teens rebellious?

Its because teens start getting towards an age where they feel like they should be getting the respect and responsibility that they deserve. They also feel like since they're almost adults, they can do whatever they want and make their own choices.

What does an early pregnancy stomach feel like?

full but quizzy

What does it feel like have baby?

it is a warm feeling inside your stomach. 

Does your stomach feel like it is bloated in early pregnancy?


How do you get your stomach to feel better?

drink water,eat light stuff like bread and soup,and if u throw up your stomach will feel better